Connect to the Future – 20 Years With TELUS

A lot has changed in the 20 years since I became a TELUS customer; Beanie Babies are no longer the bomb, Tamagochis have been replaced by Hachimals, and we have truly started to see the emergence of the connected home. From how we cook, to how we keep our homes safe, technology, and TELUS has never played a bigger part.

Telus Southgate

In the past 20 years our lives have become intertwined with our digital devices. We are using mobile and internet for smart home management thanks to devices like Nest and Hue, working on the go on our phones, managing our money with mobile banking and budgeting, and who needs to go out to get shopping done anymore. Or phones also connect us to entertainment, education and communities around the world thanks to advancements in virtual reality.

When I think about how I use my phone in everyday life it’s no wonder I can’t imagine life without it anymore. From the time I wake up, to the time I go to bed my phone keeps me connected to my home, to my family, and helps me accomplish everything from cooking dinner to reserving seats at the movie theater to see the next big blockbuster. In fact those few rare times I leave the house without my phone I feel positively naked.

Telus Southgate

Whether you are looking for something to make your home smarter, safer or more fun the new TELUS Connected Experience store has something for you. TELUS brings your digital lifestyle to life, providing a truly interactive playground for you to touch, test and play with the most sought-after digital lifestyle products before you buy. Take a Sphero for a spin, try out the latest wireless sound system or simply sit down with your little ones and try out the latest tech for kids. TELUS has more than 1,000 specially curated products to help enhance your increasingly connected life with products ranging from smartphones and tablets to connected home, audio, toys, fashion and health and wellness products and connected devices.

Visit the TELUS Blog to read more about the new TELUS Experience and take a virtual tour of one of their new concept stores.

Congrats Michael W, winner of the Moto Z Play!

I was provided with a Drop Scale, tablet stand and smartrope as a gift for sharing my TELUS Story. 

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44 opinions on “Connect to the Future – 20 Years With TELUS”

  1. Currently my cell phone is the only phone I have as we got rid of the house line. Asked me a few years back, and I would have said no way will I primarily use a cell phone. Cell phones have allowed me the convenience of calling someone at any moment I choose.

  2. Cell phones make my life so much easier, I can text my daughter that lives across the country and get a response in minutes.

  3. cell phones, smartphones actually, helped me take more pictures and videos of everyday things then ever before so it changed my life that way

  4. I love that i can stay connected to my Family and friends around the world that’s how its made my life easier 🙂

  5. I can be connected no matter where I am. No need to lug a laptop around, my smartphone does it all! Super handy when you’re on the go, but need to be accessible.

  6. My cell phone keeps me organized and in touch with everyone. I use my phone for everything, from a planner to the internet.

  7. The convenience of having the ability to communicate is great! It especially comes in handy on the road for our small business!

  8. How they have changed my life. They have improved our quality of life. Now we can facetime my mom in another province. I can text her daily and check up on her. Send her pictures of her grandchildren. Check her weather & my local weather. I don’t seem to get lost anymore 🙂 I also have music to listen to when ever I want. The news is a tweet away. There truly is no going backwards in life after cell phones.

  9. I am on call regularly as part of my profession. Needless to say, having a smartphone has made my life easier by not having to find a payphone!

  10. My boyfriend doesn’t have a cellphone and really needs one. He walks 2 kilometers to work and with a bad winter ahead of us, I would feel safer if he had a phone

  11. we got cell phones when my son at 11 developed typ 1 diabetes. I was a nervous wreck each time he left the house. It changed our lives and allowed me peace of mind and on more than one occasion it saved his during a low which resulted in a car accident.

  12. Cellular phones have made it so much easier for me to stay in touch with my sons who travel abroad.It gives me a sense of security knowing also that I have one in the case of a medical emergency or any other difficult situation that may arise.I can get help fast and stay in contact with friends and family.I don`t know how we got by without them.They have really made my life so much easier and so much less stressful.

  13. Having a cell phone makes it so much easier to get in touch with family members wherever I am. Also being able to look up something at any given moment is really handy.

  14. They keep us connected virtually but sometimes have a way of making us seem uninvolved as they are constantly in the hands of our family members and teens during dinners and times together the great part is having instant contact with my kids, my apps using it to plan activities, set reminders etc the other part I am always trying to find a way to downplay.

  15. My phone has changed my life because I have so many more videos/photos of my children growing up now than when my first set of kids were growing up (my oldest is 15, youngest is 3)

    Thanks for the chance to win & happy holidays!

  16. Cellular phones have given me freedom in my personal life notifying me of business incoming e-mails and phone calls so I work when duty calls.

  17. It’s been about 15 years since I’ve had a cell phone. It has given me security, knowledge, a way to keep in touch in difficult times, humour and laughter. One of my favourite cell phone memories is the day we met the two year boy who was soon to become our adopted son. We were in a board room and as the workers were chatting with each other he was on our lap, but very bored. My husband took our his phone to show him pictures of our home and our little guy took the phone and starting scrolling through them on his own.

  18. The biggest way cell phones have changed my life has been that it has reduced my anxiety! I love that I can reach my daughter or husband if I’m worried about them (late etc.) and I know that they can let me know if there is any problems.

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