20 Years with TELUS – My TELUS Story

A Retrospective

This year marks a number of milestones in my life; 40 years around the sun, 15 years married, and my 20th year as a TELUS Mobility client. My relationship with myself, my husband, and my cell phone has seen many changes, and much growth. In honor of my longest relationship to date I thought I’d share with you my cellular journey.

Being a single woman in her 20’s when cell phones were new, and only used to call people (what!) I really didn’t think that I needed a cell phone, but I could see their value if you were stranded by the side of the road. As my first car was a 1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, when an opportunity came up to take over the rate plan of a co-worker who was leaving the country I thought, why not. She made it worth my while and I stepped into the world of mobile communication. Little did I know what a life changing step that would turn out to be.


In those first few years the only time I used my phone was to call AMA when I locked my keys in my car, which let’s be honest, was fairly often. I’m sure it was a running joke with the tow truck drivers how often and, oh all the places, I’d lock my keys in my car. My cell phone, a lovely Nokia was never something I used, but I liked the security it offered when on the road. Making calls wasn’t cheap, and I horded my minutes like they were gold.

The phones I had in those early years were non-descript, typically the cheapest available, but functional. That changed when I upgraded to the Motorola RAZR. Oh how I loved that phone. It was pink, it took pictures, and I could connect to the internet with it. Suddenly I had an easier way to share photos from my life with my friends in Yahoo Groups. I could even text with it, but seeing as almost no one I knew had phones at that time, it was mostly a one sided conversation.


I managed to hang onto the RAZR for about 6 months before losing it. Oh the joys of baby brain. I’m sure it will turn up one day in an old purse. Luckily for me TELUS provided me with a basic, but reliable, replacement telephone until my plan was up for renewal again. Since the replacement phone was just functional, it went back to being something we took with us in emergencies, but never really used.

Enter the world of blogging and online media madness in the 2000’s. I oohed and ahhed as online friends upgraded their phones to the new “smartphones” and wistfully planned what I would do with one if I were ever to win a lottery.
I’m almost a little ashamed to admit it, but I only really jumped into the smartphone market in the past 5 years when a lucky twitter win landed a pink and perfect Blackberry into my hands. The Blackberry Pearl wasn’t the iPhone I had been dreaming of, but it was a darn sight better than the basic Nokia number that was collecting dust in the diaper bag. It quickly got me hooked on being tapped into the internet 24/7.


In 2012 I was invited as an online media outlet to attend We Day, an amazing and heartwarming TELUS sponsored event. For me that was my final leap into mobile technology with the gift of a Samsung Galaxy S3. Oh How I loved the images, and status updates I could share with that phone. Since then I have upgraded a couple of times, and eagerly await the announcements of the next great phone (as long as it has an amazing camera).

Some may wonder why on earth I stayed with the same cellular provider for 20 years. Wasn’t I ever curious about other rate plans, and providers? The answer is yes, of course. As a budget conscious person I need to make sure that what I am spending has value and is a smart investment. My mama didn’t raise no fool. Over the years I looked into switching over when my rate plan came up for renewal. The fact is no one could ever provide me with as good a rate, or better customer service so I happily renewed my plans, often choosing to upgrade my phones at the same time.

TELUS’s commitment to service is demonstrated in everything they do. They listen to the real needs of our customers and continually find ways to improve, making us #1 in customer service of any national communications provider. I love that if I have a question or an issue I can hop onto twitter and get the help I need. It’s perfect for someone like me who doesn’t particularly like talking on phones, as odd as that is.

In addition to that when I do get a new phone I can visit a TELUS Learning Centre and get a complimentary one-on-one session that helps me get the most out of my devices. They can help with everything from setting up email and Wi-Fi, to integrating accessories like fitness trackers and setting up a connected home or car.

Not only that, but TELUS helps me take care of my family online by providing a valuable resource in TELUS Wise. Whether its teaching kids how to recognize and intervene in cases of Cyberbullying, managing our digital footprints, or helping the seniors in our lives navigate this online space, I know that the advice they offer is well researched and effective.

I really could go on and on about why I have loved TELUS over the past 20 years, but the future is so much more exciting. From smart phones, to smart homes I know that TELUS will be in the forefront of innovation. I can’t wait to see where the next 20 years takes us.

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  1. Cellphones actually haven`t changed my life because I`m like the ONLY person in the world(according to my 17yo, lol ) that do not own one..lol..I`ve never owned one. But my son and hubby do ,and would not live without them!

  2. I have a lot of friends overseas and it makes it so much easier to keep in contact with them! I’m so thankful for my smartphone

  3. Cellular phones make communication so much easier … whether by chatting or texting. Although it’s still sometimes hard to get my daughter to answer her phone — LOL!

  4. Cellphones has changed so much these past years. Now, you can do basically everything you need to. I’m shocked by some cool features like controlling the thermostat from your phone to print straight from it.

  5. Cellular phones have given me a peace of mind because it allows me to keep in touch with family, long and short distance! I worry less now because I know I can reach whoever on their cell phone.

  6. It took me awhile to get into the cell phone game but I love how it helps me to stay connected to my family at all times and I feel safer having one with me.

  7. Cell phones have changed so much. My first one only made phone calls and there was a battleship game installed that I would play for hours. Now I can call, text, email, surf the web, share and interact socially. The list and technology is endless and I love it!

  8. I don’t think it has changed my life, but it sure has saved me a few times, when I was working I left at 1am and in the winter it was a scary drive, there was a couple times I ended up in the ditch, thankfully I was able to use my phone to call for help!

  9. I never wanted a cell phone until my daughter was born in 2009. I was trying to get to a doctors appointment with her and broke down with no way to contact someone for help. I got one the next day

  10. I am so thankful for my cell phone as it gave me a little freedom to leave my house. Meaning that the school was still able to contact me in case of an emerg with my child due to spec needs and seizure disorder. There were many emergencies and my child could have me there for security and know Mom could be there in time when the ambulance would be called. due to serious falls from the seizures.

  11. Cell phones have totally changed. I remember when cell phones were the size of a shoe box! when I got my first cell phone about 11 years ago it was a horrid little flip phone that basically did nothing and now I use my phone for email, social media and its my main camera for taking pics of my kids too. Its amazing how technology grows and changes, and how fast that happens.

  12. I’ve been able to stay more connected with family and friends, r and it has gotten me out of some sticky situations like when my vehicle broke down and needed help.

  13. I couldn’t leave home without my cellphone. I started out with a candybar Nokia cellphone – small brick phone with my favourite game – Snake. Now I can’t leave home without my smartphone. Cell/Smartphones has really simplified communication around us but also distanced us from real life connections (picking up the phone to chat or meeting up to chat).

  14. I don’t think it has changed my life, but it sure has saved me a few times, when I was working I left at 1am and in the winter it was a scary drive, there was a couple times I ended up in the ditch, thankfully I was able to use my phone to call for help!

  15. Cell phones have made me connected both for the family and work. This has its pros and cons but I like that I can be accessible anytime and anywhere especially during emergencies.

  16. Cell phones have changed my life because it helped me stay in contact with my children and helped me when I am stranded in the middle of nowhere. However my cell phone (cheap one from Costco;s) was stolen =( So now I have No cell phone!

  17. Cell phones have changed my life because it helped me stay up to date with technology and I’m able to see what my kids are doing. I don’t let it get in the was of our communication though. I love technology. Happy holidays

  18. While cell phones have changed our lives in terms of convenience i think they have disconnected us from each other and that was always the purpose of a telephone!

  19. I love the convenience of cell phone; you can check your email/web, maintain a calendar, keep in close touch with family and friends…

  20. I was late to the cell phone party. I didn’t get my first phone until 2010. I got my second phone in 2014 and I still love it. The biggest thing for me with cell phones is that I can text people any time anywhere. I don’t like to talk on the phone so texting has allowed me to stay in touch with my friends and family a whole lot more than before.

  21. The modern day phones have completely changed our lives. Its a little difficult to imagine things without them bcoz we have become so dependent on them. Although they have made our lives much easier in many ways and everything is there in the palm of your hands. But truthfully speaking, I definitely want the phone coz I need one phone for my wife…but I have to say that we have become modern day slaves to them. And technology can be pretty harmful if it ends up in the wrong hands. I dont mean to be critical but I see a lot of kids stuck on phones nowadays and I feel pretty bad for them, bcoz of these things they stop enjoying the real physical things and prefer connecting with the world on a superficial level. Few years ago I used to say to people, that one day we are gonna have our mobiles as our ID’s and wallets in the coming future. And bcoz of the demonetization thing in India, things have actually started turning the way I said. For me it is a tool and I see a lot of benefits if used in the right way. Thats all i can say right now. Anyways, Great giveaway ! Cheers.

  22. I use my phone all the time to keep in contact with my family, I think it’s a really useful tool if well used and managed.

  23. Cellularphones have made my life so much more easier. Now you can almost everything through your cellphone. And it helps us to stay in contact with our loved ones who are living all over the world

  24. I can keep in touch everyday with family and friends and also keep connected anytime via email and do shopping online. All very convenient and stress free to have a cell phone handy.

  25. Cellphones have changed my life dramatically since the making of the smartphone. It has allowed me to be more connected with the world outside my apartment and not feel so lonely

  26. I always used my Blackberry for search things in Google, for school and stuff, now i do It more than ever for two reasons, because i don’t have a pc nor laptop, so i have to rely on my Phone, but most of the times i don’t care, because phones are now so advanced that makes info search muchas easier

  27. I appreciate that cellular phones give me a sense of security when I am travelling. I can reach loves ones or emergency at all times.

  28. Cellular phones have made it so much easier for me to stay in touch with my sons who travel abroad.It gives me a sens of security knowing also that I have one in the case of a medical emergency or any other difficult situatio that may arise.I can get help fast and stay in contact with friends and family.

  29. cell phones..texting has been so great for my hubby, he can’t hear on the phone (or anywhere else for that matter) but the family can text him anytime anywhere and he is in touch with us all.

  30. When I got my first cell phone, which is the same as the nokia at the top of this article, I was so happy I didn’t have to use another public phone again. Those things where so dirty. Nowadays I only use my phone for calls, texts, and random pictures. I still haven’t started using it to control other devices. My wife uses her smart phone for many things but mostly for social media. I can’t wait to see what the next evolution of the smart phone will be.

  31. Sometimes I wonder how I and the rest of us lived our lives without cellphones. Cellphones have made life a lot easier for the common man, especially those in the rural areas.

  32. Cellphones are a big change in NY life, in our life. It made everything easier. Communicating with loved ones, buying stuff online, a quick search on something and many more. Now, I can’t even imagine myself without a phone.

  33. I honestly cannot imagine NOT having my cell – I use it daily for everything from calling/texting/messaging family and friends in my city to out of country to listening to music, as GPS, playing games, researching items, etc.. It’s my life line!

  34. I remember getting my first cell phone. I didn’t want one. My hubby bought it for me for my birthday and I remember not being happy about getting it as a gift. It was just a cell phone, at the time. No internet, not camera, etc. I never thought I needed one. I didn’t talk on the phone much at all. My hubby wanted it for my safety. I now have an iPhone 6, another gift from my hubby, and I LOVE it. I hardly use it as a phone. I use it more for social media surfing: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and for taking videos and photos of my boys. 🙂

  35. Cell phones have changed my social life (because I can connect with friends and family all over the world). And I have a lot more general knowledge because I can instantly look up something on the internet.

  36. Cell phones, then Smart Phones, have changed my life considerably. I just never thought I would let a piece of technology enslave me. Sorry, I must go find its charger.

  37. Cell phones have changed my life immensely with family & friends spread around North America not having to think about long distance rates when I’m chatting makes conversation not updates happen!

  38. I honestly don’t remember life without a cell phone. So convenient to be able to call anyone at anytime from anywhere. Love it on my road trips when I am alone.

  39. Cell phones have changed my life dramatically. I got my first phone relatively late in life, (22!) and ever since, I am addicted to it. It’s terrible yet wonderful. I won’t leave the house without it. It saves me on a daily basis. If I ever get lost, or need to send out an important email, orrrrrr order something online ASAP, I can do it anywhere now.

  40. My life has been changed by cell phones because now I can keep in constant contact with my daughter. It’s really a safety thing. When I was a kid there was no way for parents to get ahold of their kids or track where they are. With today’s technology I feel a better sense of security for times she may need help or emergency situations.

  41. Congratulations on reaching such a big milestone. I too purchased my first cell phone in case of emergency and I’ve had to use it a few times (car hiccups). Here’s to many more years!

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  42. My phone has let me keep in contact with my family in ways I would never of dreamed of!! With in seconds I can be reassured that all is OK and my anxiety is settled 🙂

  43. Cell phones have changed my life because it’s so easy to stay connected to loved ones, contact them in an emergency, and just being able to have quick access to information on the internet

  44. Cell phones help me to stay connected to loved ones and to provide me with peace of mind while travelling around in my everyday life!

  45. Cell phones have changed my life by the fact I can FT my grandkids anytime anywhere. It also lets me keep in touch with all my loved ones no matter where I am.

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