2009 sure was a banner year

As I sit here at 11 minutes past midnight in the year 2010 I can’t help but reflect back on what the last 10 years have brought my life. First off was my wonderful Husband. I feel blessed everyday that somehow fate brought us together. We definitely were destined to be together. I love him more than life itself and will forever be thankful to have him in my life (even when I find his dirty socks under the bed). Through him I have been blessed 5 times with children that just melt my heart everyday, even when they drive me insane LOL. I have 5 kids that are thoughtful and generous and loving and I am a rich woman for that if for no other reason.

The past 10 years has seen many hardships, struggles and losses I won’t lie. My uncle and then my mother in law and then just last year my grandfather. My mother I lost 11 years ago. May they rest in peace and live on in my memories. I think I got my love of photography from my Uncle and my German blood from my Opa and my ability and love of large families from my MIL who raised 11 of her own children. In the past 4 years I have also watched my Dad battle a rare disease Amyloidosis and so far he is winning the fight! I love you Dad so much and you are amazing!

I have moved cross-country to a small French community speaking almost no French and came out 5 years + later being able to hold my own in conversation. My children have become truly bilingual which is a gift they will always be able to use. I  brought 5 children into this world and watched and supported DH and MIL as she left this world. We have moved again to the city and I have reacquainted myself with Second cup Iced cappachinos, yummy, and a whole other group of people to repeat “yes they are all mine” and ” Yes I have my hands full “, to. LOL

2009 although a rough year in many ways brought me so many new gifts. Gifts of friendship and love from people who I have never met in real life. People who helped to go see my Dad one last time. I will always remember my time spent talking with him. I especially will remember how he spoke of his love of my mother. I wish I had taped those conversations or thought to write them down. Hours spent just listening to him and learning from him are things I won’t ever lose.
My Oma came all the way here at 80 to finally meet all 5 of her great-grandchildren. Needless to say they loved her as much I do. She has always been more a mother to me then anything and I count myself so lucky that we had that week this summer.
So I want to finish this with Thanks to all those who are my friends and everyone who is family. Each one of you is special to me in  ways that I can’t express in mere words. Bonne Annee and Happy New Year and may each one of you be blessed with health and happiness and heck a million dollars would be nice too!. Love me.
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