Healing my relationship with my Mom.

My mom had bi-polar disorder and was agoraphobic. She was a single mom after my parents separated when I was 2. Our relationship was one fraught with potholes and peaks. For as long as I can remember, my mom went from being full of energy and wanting to do things with me to sleeping all day — leaving me to … Read more Healing my relationship with my Mom.

Baby wearing safety and a review of sorts

Yes, I know Tuesdays are supposed to be a review day, but until someone actually sends me something to review you are stuck with my ramblings. It’s not that I don’t use 100 things in my day that aren’t fabulous but really who wants to hear about a 10 year old washing machine and a … Read more Baby wearing safety and a review of sorts

Recipe Friday ~ Rethinking Hamburgers

Hello my loyal blog readers. Have I got a treat for you today! Hamburgers Ala Meme (loose meat).  This first time people eat these at my house I get looks of confusion only to find out later that they have adopted this way of cooking hamburgers. OK ready? Take 1-2 pounds ground beef (depends on size … Read more Recipe Friday ~ Rethinking Hamburgers