On Raising Girls – A Guest Post from My Dad

Most dads would say that raising girls is difficult, particularly after they have left the huggable early years and have become tortured teens. Nonsense, I say. Teenage girls need the same thing all humans of the feminine persuasion need. They need someone who will really listen and no matter what is said, to know what … Read more On Raising Girls – A Guest Post from My Dad

Handmade Dresses Fit for A Queen

I have had a love with the look of Gypsy and Renaissance clothing for as long as I can remember.  Maybe it was watching Romeo and Juliet with my Mom or the fact she loved long flowing dresses so much, I kind of naturally fell into wearing them too.  There is just something so romantic and feminine about a dress … Read more Handmade Dresses Fit for A Queen

My First BlogHer Party – #ChevroletOCP

This was my very first BlogHer party and what a great way to kick things off!  Thank you so much @MC_Canada and @ChevroletCanada for a fantastic time and @CocktailDeeva for a drink that was far too yummy.  If you see yourself in the photos head over to Flickr and tag yourself!  All these photos were … Read more My First BlogHer Party – #ChevroletOCP