Notre-Dame Basilica – Montreal

Last weekend while in Montreal I had the chance to visit the Notre-Dame Basilica. For $5 admission you can go in, walk around, and enjoy a tour of the grande catholic church alone or during one of the many scheduled guided tours. I opted to venture into the church alone, but did stop beside a tour group … Read more Notre-Dame Basilica – Montreal

Mini Lala-Oopsies – 3 Floating Islands Review

When it comes to playtime the miniature and unique never fail to enthrall my children. I’m not sure if it’s that the smaller toys just fit easier into their hands or if they just like the feeling of being so much bigger than the toys they are playing with. Whatever it is the Mini Lala-Oopsie Floating Island play-set that … Read more Mini Lala-Oopsies – 3 Floating Islands Review