Road Trippin' Through Gaspésie

Last week we headed out on our annual road trip, this time deciding to brave camping with the kids for the first time in a decade. The last camping trip we had a fewer children, but almost comical disasters at every turn so it just wasn’t something we wanted to revisit too soon. This year … Read more Road Trippin' Through Gaspésie

Nailed It with #Cbias and Pinterest – Minion Style

I have a confession to make. I love pretty nails and fancy polishes. I stalk Facebook and my favourite polishes pages for great ideas and then I pin them so that I can try them myself later on. I love that Pinterest can be used to bookmark my favourite polish ideas, crafts for the kids, … Read more Nailed It with #Cbias and Pinterest – Minion Style

Clean Green With Earth Rescue

Guest review from Bonnie Way. Bonnie blogs as The Koala Bear Writer about motherhood and her three daughters and avoids cleaning her house unless it really needs it.  She’d rather be connecting with other moms online, rock climbing, reading a good book, or hiking somewhere around Vancouver Island with her family. Last week I was actually excited to … Read more Clean Green With Earth Rescue

Oz The Great and Powerful on Blu-Ray

Last February my oldest 3 girls and I headed out to the movies for the first time together since moving to Quebec. My 3 oldest girls had anticipated Oz the Great and Powerful arriving in theaters for what seemed like months and everyone was thrilled when we discovered that it had a short run where … Read more Oz The Great and Powerful on Blu-Ray