Think Outside the Card this Valentine's Day – DIY Mini Playdoh Flowers

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I admit I’m not ready at all. I wasn’t planning on being in Quebec this year during the big day so I didn’t pick up boxes of cards and treats during the post Valentine’s Day sales last year. That means this year the cards that the kids hand out will have to be mostly hand-made with a few stray cards that I found at the bottom of my gift wrapping drawers thrown in. Since the older kids love tackling crafts on their own I will leave them to their own devices. For my youngest daughter, who is participating in her fist Valentine’s Day at school, we worked on a special craft this past weekend to make it extra special.

Hasbro sent me a couple of Play-Doh Valentine bags to have fun with and this is what we came up with!

Play-Doh Flowers-1
A little tissue, some glue and imagination is all it takes for these Play-Doh flowers.

All you are doing is embellishing the small Play-doh pots to turn them into flowers. I used stuff I had lying around the house and this is what we used. Note that you can keep it simple and stick to the first few things or take it all the way and use everything on the list.

Play-Doh Flowers-2

  • Tissue paper in complimenting colours
  • glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Play-Doh Valentine bag
  • Colorful raffia or twine
  • Sharpies (for writing the to and from information)
  • Double sided sticky squares or tape
  • Stickers – The Play-Doh tins come with some that make labeling the treats easy or you can use something else, such as hearts, to mark the centers.
  • Wood sticks from Dollar store (optional)
  • Hot glue gun (optional)

Start out by folding the tissue paper a few times and cutting out the tissue hearts. If your little one is old enough you can trace the shape on to the paper and have them complete this step.

Play-Doh Flowers-4

Play-Doh Flowers-6

Glue the points of 4 hearts together so that they form a flower shape. If you want two-tone flowers cut hearts that are slightly smaller out of a contrasting tissue paper and glue the points together on top of the lager hearts.

Play-Doh Flowers-7
Play-Doh Flowers-4-2

Place a sticker in the center of your tissue paper flower. If you use the ones included with the Play-Doh pots I suggest writing the names on them before this step.

Play-Doh Flowers-9
Add a small square of double-sided tape to the lid of the Play-Doh Pot.

Press the center of your tissue flower on to the lid of the Play-Doh Pot, pressing firmly.

Play-Doh Flowers-10
Use the twine to add a bit of color around the lid and to secure everything. Start by starting a half knot in the twine forming a circle just a bit larger than the Play-Doh lid. Press the tissue down the sides gently and loop the twine over. Tighten then finish tying your bow.

Play-Doh Flowers-11
Fluff up the tissue gently.

Optional – Hot glue sticks on to the back of the Play-Doh Pots.

Play-Doh Flowers-4-3
For a video walk through of this craft visit me on YouTube.

Disclosure – Hasbro provided the Play-Doh to facilitate this craft.

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