BassBuds­ Black Friday Deals

It’s been almost 2 years since I was first introduced to Bass Buds. My daughter plugged them in and fell in love, happily wearing them every day on the school bus. Sadly, as teens tend to do, the headphones were damaged. I now wake up every morning to the sounds of her unique music tastes. I … Read more BassBuds­ Black Friday Deals

Orange Naturals Keep Me Balanced In More Ways Than One

It’s no secret that since having kids I’ve felt unbalanced. I’ve had thyroid issues, weight issues, emotional issues and generally feel fatigued. All of these issues are compounded by late night snacking. During the day I have no problem eating healthy, in fact it’s what I crave. I love whipping up healthy, veggie filled omelets, drinking hot … Read more Orange Naturals Keep Me Balanced In More Ways Than One

Healthy Shopper Picks Fall 2014

As a family trying to do our best to stay health conscious we look forward to the Healthy Shopper Picks each year. It’s quickly become our way of finding healthier organic alternatives to some of our favourite products. The Healthy Shopper encourages Canadians to put healthy and organic options in our shopping baskets by offering up … Read more Healthy Shopper Picks Fall 2014