Cooking with Kids

If I could give my kids one thing before they leave me to embark on their own adventures, it would be the ability to cook. My mom rarely cooked with me and I never had much time with my aunts and Oma in the kitchen. When I left home for the first time, I could boil water … Read more Cooking with Kids

Buttercup's #MixedFeeding Journey + #Giveaway

It’s been a month since Buttercup and I embarked on our mixed feeding journey with Iams, and what a fun, but sometimes trying one it has been. We were sent a selection of hard and soft food that included IAMS®Proactive Health™Smart Puppy Original dry kibble and wet food. Since we had been feeding her Acana k and the occasional tin of Cesar … Read more Buttercup's #MixedFeeding Journey + #Giveaway

A Summer of FUNdementals

Summer in our house is broken into three distinct phases the 3 week-long “I don’t even want to look at something educational” the month-long “I’m bored, entertain me” phase and the “I’ve forgotten everything I learned – stuff me with knowledge phase” leading up to the first day back to school. In all three of these … Read more A Summer of FUNdementals

Clear The Clutter and Join Glad in Donating for Good #Donate4Good

It seems lately as if I am in a never-ending battle with clutter. Between the kids, the dog, and the household stuff that keeps piling up I’m not sure I’ll ever see a completely bare floor again. You would think that having just done a major purge when we moved last summer the clutter would … Read more Clear The Clutter and Join Glad in Donating for Good #Donate4Good