4 Apps to Help You Get Organized for Back To School

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I love apps and am constantly on the hunt for new apps that make my life easier. These are some of the ones I am using the most during the back to school scramble. I currently use a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from Telus, and love it, so while all these apps are available Android, one of them does require a work around for the iPhone/iPad crowd.

Flipp App

Flipp – I’ve written about this one a few times and it continue to use the most for all of my shopping. Even back to school. I use it two different ways: One, to make a shopping list of all the things I need to get for any given shopping list. Two, once my list is done I can click though the items to see which stores have it on sale, and then depending on where I’m shopping get those items price matched. It saves me both time and money. No longer is my list left at home or in the car. Best of all I can use my s-pen and feel like I’m actually checking things off my list.

OneDrive App

One Drive – I love One Drive and find myself using it every day. I scan and upload school supply lists for easy access no matter where I am. That way if I loose the list, which I am famous for, I still have a copy on file. I do this for important receipts and tax tracking for blogging expenses as well. Nothing is worse than buying a new laptop and needing repairs before the warranty runs out and not being able to find your receipt.

Google Keep App

Google Keep – If lists are your life, or you are scatterbrained like me, you’ll love Google Keep. It’s a new one for me, but I’m discovering I love all the little ways it helps keep me organized on my Note 4 and Desktop. Sorry iOS Users it’s not available yet for the iPhone, but there are ways you can still use it.


Microsoft Office – or more specifically Excel. I’ve recently discovered the wonders of Excel and am loving how it helps me track everything from finances to passwords. Microsoft even offers free excel courses to help you master the platform.

What are some of your favourite apps?

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