4 Tips for Successful Snacking

I have never in my life been as busy as I am now. Between shifts at work, blogging assignments, and picking up or dropping kids off from after school activities I’m lucky if I can fit in a full meal before 7pm. Most if not all of my snacking needs to be grab and go. Having the right snacks on hand means I avoid snacking on chips and chocolate, and prevents me from overindulging at dinner. This is how I manage snacks for the kids and I.

#1 – Be prepared – It pays to carry extra snacks with you. You won’t always be able to plan ahead so having something like trail mix or a granola bar in your purse can get you through those times when you dashed out the door without lunch and you have a 6 hour shift at work before dinner.

Snacking smart with Protinis

#2 – Pack a Punch A Protein One that is – Protein makes an ideal snack because it’s something that “sticks to your bones” and will get you through the mid-day slump.

#3 – Practice Safe Snacking – Make sure to refresh your snacks occasionally. Trail mix and granola bars have a long shelf life, but they can go stale, or get squished beyond recognition. If you are bringing perishable snacks with you make sure to wrap them up and keep them on ice until you are ready to eat them. A small insulated snack bag is perfect for this.

Snacking smart with Protinis

#4 – BYOS Bring your own snack – Always, always bring your own snacks, and drinks, with you. Whether you are driving the kids to choir practice or heading out on a longer all day road trip, having snacks on hand just makes sense. You’ll be less temped to pick up high calorie, and bad for you snacks at gas station along the way.

Snacking smart with Protinis

I’ll let you in on my little secret. PROTINIS are a regular feature in my snack pack. I end up working shifts that have me starting right around when I would be eating lunch, and ending right when I would be eating dinner. PROTINIS™ are perfect, along with a yogurt and some fresh veggies to get me through my busy afternoon without going into hangry territory.

As much I love the original PROTINIS™ the new  Meat, Cheese and Cracker Snacks are a welcome and delicious change. They are a perfect combo of specially crafted, savoury meat, delicious provolone or cheddar cheese and crisp crackers with chia seeds. With 10 grams of protein in each pack, it’s time to take your snacking to the next level with this great new snack from PROTINIS™.

Snacking smart with Protinis

To learn more about the new PROTINIS™ visit http://Protinis.ca. Make sure to follow Maple Leaf on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram as well for fun ways to incorporate the new PROTINIS™ into your snack time, delicious recipes, coupons and contest announcements.

What’s your favourite snacking secret?

Disclosure – I was provided compensation to pen this post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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