5 Ways I Make Time for Play

Trying to find the energy, never mind the time for play when you have five kids can be daunting some days. There is a never-ending pile of laundry, dishes, vacuuming and so much more to do and sometimes the to do list takes over.  I have to remind myself on those days that the kids are only little once and before I know it I will kissing them goodbye and sending them off on their own adventures that don’t include me. That’s always a wake up call and quickly reminds me that’s no matter what I have on my plate that moment I need to make time to play with the kids.

These are the five ways I make time for play even with my busy schedual:

1. Turn on Music – I know it sounds silly, but in our house music is essential to fun.  We use music to make cleanup fun, to get some exercise and most of the time just to get a little bit wild and shake our sillies out. Everyone can get involved in the fun and if you are the littlest you even get to hop into Mama’s arms and do a little waltz or two stepping.

2. Get Down to their level – I make it a point to get down on the ground to my kids level everyday.  Once down there I become a horse or a dog or maybe even the baby in a fun game of make-believe.  You’d be surprised the new messes I find to cleanup once down there too.

3. Go For a Walk – This is one of my favorite ways to make time for play, because it is something that can be done on the way to getting something else done like picking up milk or bread.  Once outside we can skip, have little races or even have a mini scavenger hunt.

4. Cook Supper – This is a  sneaky one.  The kids get to have fun helping mix, measure and stir and yet it’s also a way to get supper done and have help doing it!  I am all about the sneaky ways to have fun.

5. Give the Kids a Kinder Egg – In every Kinder Egg there is sure to be fun not far behind.  We have enjoyed many of the creative toys hidden inside the milk chocolate egg and with tonnes of new toys to discover this is one way we make time for play that won’t ever get boring.

So there you have it.  Making time for play doesn’t have to be complicated or planned, it can be spontaneous too.  I’d love to know – How do you make time for play?

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