A Working Mother’s Lament

It’s 9 o’clock on a Thursday night. I know I should probably clean the kitchen, or maybe do my husband a favour and hang up his dress pants. Honestly though, all I can think of is how I want to crawl into bed and get a little shut-eye.

My eyes are burning, my feet hurt from unaccustomed standing on them all day. The soft embrace of my down comforter calls out to me.

And yet I think about how very much I would enjoy a little mindless comedy, some conversations with my online friends who I feel I’ve abandoned (do they even miss me?), and a nice glass of wine to help me slough off the demands of the day.

This is my new normal. I thought I was busy before, between blogging, and social media and the demands of a busy household I somehow didn’t have any time. That time is even more precious now.

I come home to kids who are fed, and getting ready for bed, a husband who is as exhausted as me and countless little details that have to be attended to. The kids need have to have something to eat for supper when they come home to a cold and silent house. Sadly there are no more mid afternoon dance parties, or hot cocoa on the counters.

They need clothes on their back that are clean, hot food and and a few last minute snuggles before drift off to dreamland.

There are no magic elves to be found anywhere. Not the one for dishes, laundry or floors.

I drag my butt upstairs to kiss the kids goodnight, start a load of laundry on my way, in between kisses and cuddles the laundry gets folded and the bathroom counters get wiped.

The floors stay a mess. They require more energy than I can muster tonight and I have a sink full of dishes waiting to be scrubbed.

There once was a time I would be up until midnight, writing, tweeting, and getting my online life taken care of.

These days I put off til tomorrow what I couldn’t manage today. I put my feet up for 5 minutes and pretend that I’m not falling asleep sitting up. When the call of my bed becomes loud enough I finally give into the fact that all I’ve really done the past 10 minutes is drift in and out of conversations.

If I go to bed now I’ll be better off tomorrow. The only me time I really need right now is a good nights sleep.

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5 opinions on “A Working Mother’s Lament”

  1. Not to belittle the enormous effort you put into your days but I did almost nothing except box the gift for Luc today and I am as cooked as you. I wish that I had the energy that you have – even though you wish you had more. I live you kiddo.

  2. Dear Julia, Thank you for sharing your reality. Interestingly, the working mother reality is a common one for many. I read “Overwhelmed: Work, Love, Play When No one Has the Time” by Brigid Schulte. I thought her book was fantastic as she describes the reality and the statistics about working mothers around the world. I recommended that everyone read it, but then realized the people who most need to read this don’t have the time, so I did a book report on it. You can read it here, to get comfort from others in the same boat as you, and some ideas that might help: http://childrensyogabooks.com/blog/overwhelmed-brigid-schulte/ It gets easier. đŸ™‚ Blessings, Janet Williams

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