A Youme between YOU and ME ~ A Yummy Mummy Meme

Today I thought I’d join in the fun started by Lisa AKA Party Mummy over at The Yummy Mummy Club.

Join in the fun by copying and pasting these questions into your own blog (don’t have a blog? That’s ok, you can play on Facebook too!). Delete my answers and add yours. Invite your friends and readers to join in. Be sure to leave the link to your answers in the comment section below so we know where to go to read all about YOU.

1. Give a snapshot of your life. Married? Kids? Pets? Career? Married almost 10 years to the love of my life, a sexy Frenchman from La Belle Province. We have 5 kids ages 9,8,6,5 and almost 3 and yes we are done. My Hubby is an IT consultant with a degree as well in geological engineering (know of anyone looking? LOL) I am a former Opticial turned stay at home mom/blogger. No pets my 2nd DD has allergies.

2. If you could be any nationality other than your own, what would it be? I would love to be an Aussie or Kiwi. The accent is just the best. Did I mention I have a weakness for accents?

3. Where’s your best thinking place? My best thinking place is when I am in the car away from the hustle and bustle of my busy house. I need to get something I can record ideas on while driving because I keep missing out on gems since writing while driving is a big no-no.

4. Name one thing you know you should give up, but can’t. I need to give up pop and staying up late. The pop I may accomplish but the staying up late keeps me sane. It’s the only me time I get.

5. Describe one thing that makes you so angry you could spit nails? People without kids or not pregnant parking in the parent parking spots at the mall/store. It’s hard enough getting all 5 kids in and out of a car without having to trek across the whole lot. Makes me want to key their cars.

6. What’s one meal you tend to make over and over again? We tend to make the same things over and over again because they are inexpensive and easy. Probably the most repeated thing is spagehtti sauce. We use the H16 spice mix and do a double batch and then I freeze it. It means I have 8 servings ready to go on those nights I don’t feel like making a big meal. Mondays usually.

7. When is the last time you fell down? I can’t remember. I did have a spectacular fall when I was 7 that landed me in the hospital with a concussion though. Spent all of Christmas with a blackened face.

8. What’s something your partner does that drives you crazy? My Hubby clears his throat all.the.time. It drives me batty.

9. What scares you more a) public speaking b) bungee jumping c) horror flicks?  Probably bungee jumping but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it. I love a good scare.

10. Name one new thing you’d like to try before you die. I would love to go skydiving, or going on a show like Wipeout!

11. Tell about a time when you had your heart broken. I thought I was heartbroken after breaking up with my first love. Did the whole chopping off of hair, tried to reinvent myself, failed miserably. That heartbreak paled to loosing my mother though. Loss of a boyfriend you get over, loss of a loved one changes you forever. My life became before her death and after her death when she died.

12. It’s not considered bragging when somebody asks you to tell about something cool you’ve done. I have led a rather unexciting life. I was in a modeling competition. I had major hair and dress mishaps and it was kinda a flop. I can look back now and laugh though. I preformed in a big Alberta Ballet production as a kid too. I was a chipmunk.

13. What’s the best thing you’ve ever made? I love making things you can check out my sewing blog to see everything. Probably my favorite thing to date has to be my apron, but I do love making bags too. Oh and quilts. I really need to get back into it. I have neglected my machine in the past year in favor of this blog.

14. Fill in the blanks:

a) Over the years I’ve become more confident and less concerned about what other think of me.
b) I wish I was more motivated and less stuck in a routine.

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