Aging ~ Monday Mingle

I am taking part in my first Monday Mingle Vlog with Eighty MPH Mom today.  What do you think?

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8 opinions on “Aging ~ Monday Mingle”

  1. Great to see you in person! I voted too ;o)

    You have inspired me to sew up some new aprons. The ones I wear everyday are looking very tired. The fabric is purchased, now I just need to find some time to sew..LOL

  2. I love your flower in your hair.
    Hey i like the confidence factor too! That is cool!

    I'm happy to be here as well!
    Thanks for mingling!!!
    It really is windy there. 🙂
    it is HAWT here.
    Have a fun week!
    SEE YOU next week!

  3. Hello! So glad you joined in Monday Mingle 🙂 It's nice to "meet" you.
    I feel your pain, keeping moving helps the aches for sure.
    21 yes at the time it was definitely a big milestone. Now? Not so much 😀
    You did fantastic your first time around!! Have a good week 🙂

  4. Welcome!

    This is only my second week mingling but I enjoy it and I hope you do it again next week as well. It is a fun way to connect with other bloggers.

    Your hair looked lovely! The flower was so nice and a great color for you.

    Hope you enjoyed mingling this week and have a great weekend!
    ~ Alyna

  5. Hello – it's wonderful to meet you! I am so glad you joined in Monday Mingle.

    You look so fresh and pretty with the flower in your hair : )

    I couldn't wait to be 21 either, even though I didn't do serious drinking. But somehow that felt more adult than 18.

    You did a great job vlogging, you seem really comfortable. Good luck on your review vlog…

    Thanks for mingling!

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