Aquadoodle – No Cleanup Required

As a mom to many finding a fun way for the little ones to draw and doodle without their artistic sides taking over and damaging walls, floors and clothing is a challenge.  I know that my kids have loved drawing from an early age, but it gets messy.  With Aquadoodle they get the fun but with out the mess and it’s non-toxic.

I have been a long time fan of this creative solution to doodling since my oldest was still in diapers.  Aquadoodle has been with us in some form on trips in the car, in planes, while visiting and even just on our back porch.  The magic of the mat combined with water makes it a mess free way to enjoy doodling almost anywhere.

I was sent the Aquadoodle Draw N’ Doodle and the Aquadoodle Doodle Buddy, two new releases for fall 2011, to test out.  The Draw and Doodle is essentially the same mat I have used and loved before with the added benefit of 4 new exciting colored squares to doodle on.  You can Aquadoodle in squares that are red, blue, green or purple.   The kids were impressed and have enjoyed this mat over and over again.

The Aquadoodle Doodle Buddy made such an impression on my 3-year-old that the dog hasn’t left her side since we received him.  She even insisted on bringing him to my Sister in-laws cottage (a 5 hr drive) and it proved to be a great distraction during the long trip.  Her favorite thing to do with him?  Kiss his belly so she can see her lip print.  It’s super cute.  Right now that same dog is snuggling her in bed. The Doodle Buddy Aquadoodle features the same surface as the mat, and offer hours of fun doodling over and over again.  Both the mat and the Buddy are surface washable only.

Do I recommend them?  Absolutely!!  I think that any of the Aquadoodle line of products would be a great addition to any playroom or diaper bag.

The Aquadoodle Draw and Doodle (MSRP $21.99) and Buddy (MSRP $9.99) are available at your local department or toy store.  Rated for ages 2 and up.

*Disclosure – I was sent a sample to facilitate this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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