Baby wearing safety and a review of sorts

Yes, I know Tuesdays are supposed to be a review day, but until someone actually sends me something to review you are stuck with my ramblings. It’s not that I don’t use 100 things in my day that aren’t fabulous but really who wants to hear about a 10 year old washing machine and a 4 year old dryer. Nor do they want to hear about the old Tube TV I am waiting to die before I replace it. The darn thing refuses to give up the ghost though so on I wait.

Today I thought I would talk a bit about something near and dear to my heart, Baby wearing, and in passing some of the best carriers I have had the privilege of owning. Didymos baby carriers are a simple piece of woven cloth measuring anywhere from 2.2M to 5.2M depending on what size you are and what kinds of carries you are hoping to achieve. They are made in Germany using large looms and are made from a variety of materials including hemp and silk. I have at one time or another owned one in each of the sizes as I switched out for different patterns or my needs changed. Most people can accomplish everything they need for the duration with one, but I swear Didymos are like chips and you can’t just have one. They are a  fashion accessory and way to keep connected with your wee one.

I was introduced to baby wearing with my first baby when I was gifted a ring sling from a very dear friend. I also had a Snugglie that my Mother used with my brother. By the time my 3rd child came along I realized I needed my hands more free to chase after the other 2 and the Snugglie just wasn’t cutting it with my 20 pound 5 month old. I searched the net for every bit of information I could find and eventually stumbled upon and With help from the DIY forums and Jan’s wonderful instructions I made my first ever ring sling. I used that exclusively with my 3rd. With #4 I needed more though and wanted to be able to carry baby on my back. Once again I searched out instructions and my hunt took me back to The Baby Wearer and Jan. From that I made my first Mei Tai. I started hanging out and chatting with the ladies and saw that there were so many ingenious carriers and so much to learn. I decided that a wrap carrier was probably the most versatile carrier and I hunted on eBay and the FSOT forums trying to find one that fit in my budget. And I did! Well finding a Didymos was my downfall. I could wear my baby on my back, my hip, on my front. I was able to use the carrier as a blanket when we went to the park for DS to sit on and shade for the rare times he was in the stroller. I wore him shopping and hiking and around the house doing chores. He rarely left my body for the first year. Much to my surprise it didn’t slow his physical growth in fact if anything it helped. He had amazing core strength and by 9 months was tottering around walking every chance he got. He then would go to the wrap basket and bring one back to me to go for a ride. I even wore him as a toddler the first few months of my pregnancy with #5. See Didymos carriers as well as other woven wraps can be manipulated to minimize stress to the lower back and shoulders and distribute the weight over the whole torso.

With Miss V baby wearing is something I did within a day of her being born. I would walk the halls of the maternity ward with her in a short Didymos that my friends gifted me, earning comments from everyone about how wonderful that was. As I recovered and went home to be with my kids the Didymos allowed my hands to be free to bake a cake with my older kids to welcome the baby home. Like her older brother I wore her everywhere.

Safety in wearing has always been of an utmost concern to me, especially when you hear stories of children who have died in poorly designed slings. I made sure to do my research in proper positioning. And always stayed very aware of my infant. Please take the time to follow the links at the bottom and make sure you are carrying your baby safely.

Didymos baby carriers are a wonderful tool to add to your lineup. I definitely used it more then any other. I will make sure to post of my other favorite carriers another day. Please please please do your research before using any carrier. It is always better to be safe then sorry.


Wearing a 1 day old in hospital.
Keeping her kissable close, while baking her welcome home cake.
About 6 weeks old on my back
Mama busy sewing
On my hip as a toddler. (she walked at 8 months BTW)
And just for fun my then 3.5 year old
* I have not been compensated in any way for this post. It is my opinion only*
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