Blographer 2012

Thanks to a generous win over at CL Buchanan Photography I was able to sneak in a one day photography based conference before the hustle of BlogHer got underway. Blographer was touted as being “An event for bloggers who know an image is  worth a thousand words.”  Since I honestly believe that and always want to improve both my blog and photography I knew I had to attend.

Even though it cut into my sightseeing day I don’t regret attending one bit.  Not only did I have the chance to hang out with some amazing photographer friends like @DPixel and CL Buchanan I also had learned new ways to look at my photography. The best part  was making new friends like Annie Landry and Susan Symonds who were not only warm and friendly but offered advice that I know I will carry with me into future projects.

Amanda Bottoms and Erin Cobb’s discussion on Ten Ways to Make Your Photo’s Blogworthy was very engaging and even though many of the tips I already knew I did take away a few gems like Erin’s comment that “Photoshop is like makeup. It works best when it looks like you’re not using any.”  I have been struggling with how to edit my photos.  I enjoy the shooting, but I don’t want to spend hours in Photoshop or Lightroom messing around with stuff.  After a lengthy discussion with Susan, I was convinced of the value of  presets in streamlining this process.  Now to find some time to sit down and learn Elements 9.

All in all the Blographer event was one of the best parts of my week in New York City.  I feel like I walked away with a new appreciation of photography in the blogosphere and a new passion to take mine to the next level.  Thanks to some great swag and a lucky win of a lifetime membership to Clickin Moms I think getting there will be so much easier.  Thank you Adorama and the other sponsors for hosting this event.  I would love to see something of this caliber held at ShesConnected.   It would be a huge benefit to non photographer bloggers as well.

I apologize for the shameful lack of photos but I was too busy connecting, learning and having a good time.   I also want to share with you more on the “2 roll challenge” that Rachel Devine issued.  More on that later!



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    1. Yes a lifetime subscription to Clickin moms and the t shirt, was even on my stub too. I had written yours and Dee’s names on the stubs you gave me so I could get you your prize later, but no luck on them. Thank you so much for that ticket. It really was a fabulous event.

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