Blok Squad Police Force Pursuit Review

My son loves building stuff – cars to be precise.  If he has a few wheels in hand and a few Mega Bloks then he is a happy boy and will spend a good hour building and racing and crashing those cars only to start all over again. At 5 years old he is starting to notice the limitations of the larger Mega bloks and on each visit to the toy section at our favorite retailers has requested to move up into the smaller format blocks.  So, when I was asked to review the Blok Squad Police Force Pursuit (391 pieces, ages 5 +). I jumped at the chance.

From the website:

All missions are possible when you team up with the three Patrol vehicles of the Blok Squad Police Force Pursuit! Build the Police Cruiser SUV – a top-of-the-line patrol vehicle with excellent control and zoom through the streets with your Blok Squad Police Officer! Construct the Police Force Carrier – a quick response Patrol truck designed to help transport Police Officers to the scene of an emergency and transport captured bad guys to jail! Assemble the Police Boat – a harbor cruiser captained by your Blok Squad Naval Police Officer. It is designed with high-performance engines and advanced radio equipment to help catch fleeing fugitives on the water!

The arrival of the Blok Squad Police Force Pursuit was met with great excitement and we settled right into playing testing them out. I wasn’t thrilled at the thought of having all those small bloks all over my floor so I grabbed a plastic bin for all the small pieces.  In fact I grabbed a plastic container that had 3 separate compartments so I could pre-sort the pieces a bit.  This made it easier to find the pieces we needed as we built the squad. They do come in many pre-sorted bags, but they weren’t marked as to what they were for so we still ended up dumping then sorting ourselves.

We have really enjoyed building with this set and at just $24.99 it’s reasonably priced.  Since my son is just 5 he did require help building the first vehicle.  Once he grasped the concept of the instructions he was able to complete the boat and van on his own with minimal help.  At that point though his big sisters were home and more than happy to jump right in and help him out.  We have had some of the pieces fall off during play, no surprise, but being that it’s a building set they are easy to fix right up.  In fact I suspect that it’s half the fun for the kids.  To keep the mess to a minimum I have a special large bin designated just for Mega Bloks and I do make sure that at the end of playtime these get picked up.  That way I don’t have to worry about stepping on any errant pieces or vacuuming them up.

Some features of note:

  • Mega Bloks are compatible with other building set brands.
  • If instructions get lost you can visit Mega Bloks and download a PDF version.  Love this!
  • This is a time-consuming activity, great for rainy days.  One car took a good hour of building time.  We did get faster as we figured them out.
  • Attention to small details is amazing.
We will continue to add to our Mega Bloks collection for sure. Price, product and fun factor all make this a great addition to any playroom.  I will add if you have younger children (3 and under) it is best to keep these in an out of reach location and make it a nap time activity.  If your child is into blocks, but moving out of the Mega Blocks stage then look no further then Blok Squad!



*Disclosure – I was sent a sample to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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