Camping with Coleman Kids

Coleman Kids

The last long weekend of the summer is here and I can’t think of a more enjoyable way to spend it then heading out with the family for some fun in the great outdoors. It doesn’t matter if it’s camping, hiking, or even just exploring the green spaces close by.

I had grand plans for one last hurrah in the form of a backyard camp out filled with all of our favourite things like beans and franks, smores and sleeping in our tent, but the weather has changed our plans a bit. Instead of a backyard camp out we’ll be taking the fun and our Coleman Kids gear indoors and building a fort and watching movies while snuggled up in our sleeping bags. Some of us doing it in style thanks to Coleman Canada.

We were sent A Glow in the Dark Youth Constellation/Star Quad Chair as well as the sleeping bag to review and our first impressions are positive. My kids have been making due with sleeping bags that we picked up really cheaply at Canadian Tire and while they are OK for $5 more we could have purchased the Coleman sleeping bags and ended up with something that is nicer to look at, more plush, warmer and significantly more durable. You can often tell the quality of an item like this by the zipper and one the kids sleeping bag it’s really well designed and a high quality. As you can see in the above picture my little one snuggled right into the sleeping bag with a book and a flashlight and has been dragging it around the house ever since. I know that if I let her it would replace her current bedding, that’s how much she adores it.

Coleman Kids Sleeping

As for the Quad chair that was claimed by my science loving son. He has sat and examined each of the constellations and can’t wait until we go camping again so he can compare them with the ones he already knows like Cassiopeia, the Big Dipper and Orion. In the meantime we are using the chair for hanging out in the backyard blowing bubbles, bringing it with us to watch the fireworks and taking it to my SIL’s house next time she we stay over. Everything is that much more fun when you have gear that is sized just for you.

Coleman Kids Chair

Pick up either the A Glow in the Dark Youth Constellation/Star Quad Chair as well as the sleeping bag at or in stores.

The Milky Way

Disclosure – I was provided with samples to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.  

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