Canada Day Dessert

A few weeks ago I got it in my head that I had to try and make a special Canada Day Dessert.  I couldn’t stop thinking of my Aunts traditional Canada flag cake,  but I knew that I couldn’t get a crucial part of it here so I set about coming up with something new.  With it being the start to Quebec’s Strawberry season there isn’t a better time to try a new strawberry recipe.

I came up with this…

Canada Day Dessert Strawberry
It’s super easy to make, tastes great (although not sweet enough for my Hubby) and I can even convince myself it’s healthy if I add lots of berries.
  • Bake a Betty Crocker Cake according to instructions.  I used a while cake mix, but I think the pecan cake would be divine in this too.  Bake it in cup cakes or do what I did and bake a 9X12 sheet cake.
  • Use a cup to cut cake into circles then cut them in half horizontally so you have 2 circles (or cut cupcakes in half).
  • Whip up some fresh cream I add about a tbsp of icing sugar to 1/2 L of whipping cream.
  • Layer in a cup whipped cream, berries, cake until you reach the top edge. Add a final scoop of whipped cream and a berry to garnish. I was aiming for a Canada Flag look but as you can see it fell a bit short.
Canada Day Dessert Raspberry
It was so good that in the end it didn’t matter, and was a hit among my crew minus Hubby.  I will be adding this to my summer favorites for sure!
Canada Day Dessert Blueberry
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