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You hear the word museum and you’re probably hearing yourself say “ kids… look but do not touch!” You’re also probably thinking it would be an ideal date night but definitely not a spot you’d want to take a toddler to. Let me introduce you to the fabulous concept of Children’s Museums. Yes they exist and they’re great on many levels. Not only are they educational but these museums are extremely effective at babysitting kids without the need for a baby sitter!

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My toddler has been to a couple of these Children’s Museums and with each visit we all learn new things. Honestly I learn quite a few things even in the toddler section! These museums cater to the little ones and have usually thought about all the important things from coat nooks, shoe racks (for those tots that like to kick them off), aprons for water stations and even lockers and stroller parking.

Children's museums Canada 2

The best part about the Children’s Museums is that most of them are very reasonably priced so that parents don’t have to justify the cost by spending an entire day at the museum. We usually pop in for two hours or so, just enough to tire her out so that she naps whilst we visit the adult museums! That’s strategic planning!

The next time your travels take you towards one of these Canadian Children’s Museums be sure to stop by!

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Gatineau’s Canadian Children’s Museum : Located in the Canadian Museum of Civilization this children’s museum  focuses on travel and adventure. Kids can ride a camel by the Pyramids, peruse street markets, drive a bedazzled Pakistani lorry and even work in a post office here. Plenty of opportunities for role-playing and learning about different cultures.

Kamloop’s Children’s Museum : From a puppet theatre to a space station reading nook this kid’s museum will provide the backdrop for an entertaining afternoon. The sand and water table is definitely a favourite.

Manitoba’s Children’s Museum: This one has a bit of history as it is housed in the oldest surviving train repair facility in Western Canada. Here you will find a foodie baby’s delight with a Milk Machine and Lasagna Lookout. There’s even  a splash lab and tot spot where even the littlest ones can explore their surroundings.

London Children’s Museum :  If you want to take your kids back in time the schoolhouse from 1880 is a neat way to show them how a child from a long time ago lived. Their artic discovery centre is also quite fun for kids old and young. If you have a dinosaur lover this is definitely the museum for them because not only can they dig for dinosaurs here but little ones can also dress up as one!

Niagara Children’s Museum  : Interactive exhibits and a spot where kids can get their hands dirty (in a good way!). Ever wanted to become a Mummy? The Egyptian kind ? Here’s where you can!

Laval Children’s Museum : This is the place where kids can experiment with future occupations. Milk cows like a farmer, captain a ship, fix up a car like a mechanic  or take care of animals like a vet – just a few of the interactive trades on display here.

Germs are everywhere and I keep forgetting  that my non day care attending toddler isn’t exposed to everyday viruses. My only word of advice is to ensure you diligently wipe everyone’s hands because invariable we’ve brought home more than knowledge after a visit to these museums.

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  1. it’s cool that there is museums for children!! I believe that too bringing more home than knowledge, always have sanitizer on me

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