Canadian Girls

I will be busy travelling over the next week and a half so I thought I’d leave you with this little treat to entertain you while I am gone. I may stop in a post brief updates, but can’t promise anything. My vacation starts with a quick trip back to Detroit for their Go Further With Ford Conference then off to spend some quality time with my Dad. I will round out my trip by watching my cousin walk down the aisle. It should prove to be a good trip and I am sure I will bore you all with it when I get home. Enjoy, share then head over and make one for yourself.

While I’m gone check out the blogs of the other lovely women in this video and give them a follow.

Christine – @chancesmommy

Yashi – @YashYanthi

Catherine – @AlwaysARedhead


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This isn’t sponsored, just good fun!

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4 opinions on “Canadian Girls”

  1. HAHA HAHAHA HA H AHAHAHAHAHAHAA THIS IS FRIGGIN AWESOME! The only time I’d ever see myself in a bikini 😉 Thanks for the laugh and have an amazing trip filled with love, laughter, family and lots of YOU time!

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