Exploring Slave Lake, Alberta #GoFurther150

Living in the diverse country that we do offers us a unique chance to embrace a host of different adventures, some of them closer than you think. What better way to celebrate this amazing country we call home, especially on her 150th birthday, than discovering all the hidden treasures that Canada holds. Recently Ford Canada … Read more Exploring Slave Lake, Alberta #GoFurther150

9 Tips for Surviving Your Next ER Visit

Chances are if you are a parent you’ve clocked your fair share of ER time. I know I sure have. Between breaks and blood, vomit and fevers I’ve spent more than enough time killing time as we wait for the triage nurse to call our name. Taking an extra 5 minutes to pack for the … Read more 9 Tips for Surviving Your Next ER Visit

The Importance of Music Education

Of all of the things I wanted to give my children to carry into adulthood, music is one that has been closest to my heart. I’ve seen the difference that music has made in the lives of my cousins, and my own life, and I want my children to experience and to be rewarded by … Read more The Importance of Music Education