TORUK – The First Flight #YEG #Giveaway

There are a few shows that are on my must see list and one of those shows has always been a Cirque du Soleil show. Their shows offer a glimpse into worlds only imagined and feature acrobatics that are awe inspiring. I am so thrilled that Cirque du Soleil’s newest show is landing right here in Edmonton … Read more TORUK – The First Flight #YEG #Giveaway

Connect to the Future – 20 Years With TELUS

A lot has changed in the 20 years since I became a TELUS customer; Beanie Babies are no longer the bomb, Tamagochis have been replaced by Hachimals, and we have truly started to see the emergence of the connected home. From how we cook, to how we keep our homes safe, technology, and TELUS has … Read more Connect to the Future – 20 Years With TELUS

Giving Tuesday – Starlight Children’s Foundation #Giveaway

What better day to talk about gifts that give back than Giving Tuesday.  I love finding ways to give back that make an impact right here at home. One of the gifts that some of the kids in my life will be getting this year include “Flash” the Starlight Bear for 2016. “Flash” is the 8th … Read more Giving Tuesday – Starlight Children’s Foundation #Giveaway

Tackling the #FlippFoodChallenge with BBQ’ed Potatoes and Zuchini

There aren’t enough long weekends in the summer so when they do come around we try to make them count. Our long weekends always include family fun, BBQ’ing with great Alberta beef, and as little time spent doing the busy work that keeps a house running smoothly. Even Mom gets a break during the long … Read more Tackling the #FlippFoodChallenge with BBQ’ed Potatoes and Zuchini

Moose Meat Marinade

This is a slightly sweet marinade that is the perfect complement to game meat.  Strain the drippings off after cooking to make a delicious gravy.  I kid you not.  This recipe is amazing. Directions Cut meat into steaks or cubes.  Set aside in covered bowl or zip-lock.  Then mix together: 1/4 cup honey 1/2 cup red wine (white works in … Read more Moose Meat Marinade