Choosing Art is an Art

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and stared in wonder at the beautiful artwork that adorned the walls? I know I have, but something has always stopped me from making that leap into purchasing my first piece of art. I admit I’m biased when it comes to art, having been exposed to it from a young age through my father’s work and that of his friends. I fell in love with his life-like portraits and pencil sketches and multimedia pieces that were colourful and unique. While I’m lucky enough to have one of my Dad’s abstract pieces up on my walls, I think it’s time I branch out and move beyond paper and pencil and acquire a painting for sale.

Moving beyond what I know is exciting, but daunting – there are so many amazing pieces available done both by established and emerging artists. By starting my search now I can use the painting to design my home decor around. I’ll be moving with only my sectional so my color palette is wide open but I don’t want the painting to dictate everything – this is why I am coming to you for help.

There is something about this paining that I really like and I could see myself staring at it for the long haul, but it’s heavy on the pink tones and I am not sure I want to lean that way.

©Georgina Vinsun
©Georgina Vinsun

This painting by Virginie Gallois is bright and bold and would be sure to brighten up even the darkest winter day.

©Virginie Gallois

The last one I came across has a rainbow of colours to choose from when it comes to home decor, would brighten up any space and would be sure to draw attention.

©Tran Tuan

After spending a good hour pouring through paintings online I know that this isn’t going to be an easy decision to make. Not only is artwork an investment, you need to find an artist and painting style that you love and will be happy to have on your walls for the long-term. I may just have to ask my Dad’s old friend Bruce if he is still into painting and commission a piece when the time is right.

Have you invested in artwork? Do you prefer one style over another? I would love to know what you love. Please give me some ideas! For reference this is my Dad’s piece.

Dad Artwork-1


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  1. Size matters too. Not knowing the size of these three makes it difficult to determine the impact on a wall and a room. It should most of all, be something you like. If you buy for ANY other reason, you will be disappointed.

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