Coffee Makes My Days Delicious

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With five kids, a blog that keeps me busy full time and a cross country move looming, taking care of me often gets pushed to the sidelines. I make sure to get the kids fed and off to school, hubby off to work but more often than I like to admit its 9 am before I finally have a chance to breathe, never mind sit down. As soon as I can, I set up my one indulgence for the day, my “Daily Dose of Delicious” if you will.

That one step in my daily routine helps center me before I tackle whatever the day holds in store. What is my indulgence? It’s one really good cup of coffee. I take the time to brew it the way my Dad taught me – using freshly ground beans, boiling hot water and perking it in a glass French Press. While it steeps I find myself leaning in to get a nose-full of that fresh coffee scent.

When my coffee has brewed long enough I give it a quick stir, press it and pour the coffee into the biggest cup I can find. I just love the feeling of warmth and comfort that I get when I wrap my hands around the mug and take a sniff. Into it I add one sugar, and real cream then I savour that first sip. I make an event of that first cup coffee, enjoying every nuance of the experience before settling in to get a day’s work done.

Coffee time is also twitter time, another “Daily Delicious” moment in my day. While enjoying my coffee, I catch up with the latest news in the twitterverse, watch a little local news and sometimes even find myself putting my feet up to enjoy an episode of daughters favourite show with her snuggled in close.

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3 opinions on “Coffee Makes My Days Delicious”

  1. Great post Julia! My mother has always enjoyed her first cup of coffee in the morning too. She has a ‘don’t talk to her rule’ until she has her first cup of coffee! lol! I never got into the coffee habit, but the way you describe it, it sounds SO delicious! But I do like iced coffee. Weird, I know! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you Angie for stopping by. I have to wait til my kids are off to school most days before indulging, but it makes it that much more enjoyable. I have a bit more time to sit and enjoy before running off to do something else.

  2. And I forget to say that I loved reading about your daily dose! (applevalleygirl was me! I just updated my profile! )

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