Colic in an infant ~ Tip from me

Oh man I remember going through this with my babies as well as my brother. I think my second dd cried for the first 6 months. The one thing I found that affected the baby the most was my diet and changes to it, since I was nursing. I ended up cutting out all dairy, broccoli, onion, celery, cabbage. Basically anything that gave me gas would make hers worse. Baby wearing was a lifesaver too. Having the baby wrapped up in an upright position legs froggied with slight pressure on the belly made her a much happier baby.

I know lots of mom’s use the car seat to achieve the slightly inclined position doctors recommend as  well as swings. I would be very cautious about letting baby sleep in the car seat. This study, by the journal of pediatrics has shown how the babies o2 levels drop when in a car seat.

We used a triangle shaped pillow to get baby at an incline and side supports to keep them from rolling. Also one trick I was taught by a health nurse with my 4Th was foot massage using olive oil. That made a huge difference. You start at the heel and go up the center of the foot to the crease of the toes. The babies foot should curl then you know you are doing it right. This massages the acupressure point that corresponds with digestion. Since you are massaging an infant only use a food grade oil. Olive oil or sunflower oil is best.

A baby with colic is such a hard road to walk but it does get better. I would start simple with eliminating milk from your diet and the foot massage and see if there is an improvement. It takes about 2 weeks for the milk to completely leave so give it at least that long. Come back and let me know if it’s been helpful! 🙂

*This does not constitute medical advice. It is just my opinion and personal experience only*

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