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Within the past couple of years 3D technology has seen a resurgence in films, gaming and learning apps for kids. Cypher Kids Club takes kids natural curiosity about the world around them and their love of gadgets and new 3D technologies and combines them to make educational, interactive 3D cards, for children 3+, that will keep your kids coming back for more. Available now at select Walmart Canada locations for  you can purchase Cypher Kids Club i3D Interactive Cards that focus on Numbers, Animals and/or the Alphabet. These aren’t your ordinary flash cards, but rather learning cards that incorporate augmented reality in a way that kids, and parents,  can enjoy.

We were sent a set of each of these cards to review and they came at the perfect time, when I was recovering in bed from minor surgery. Once we downloaded each of the free apps from the app store we set right to work figuring out how the cards worked. Using them was easy and within a few minutes my daughter had figured out that it is easier to have the card on a flat, well-lit surface and move the iPod touch around to be able to see the action from every angle. They don’t work in the dark, and we did find that if my battery was low that the app seemed to freeze a bit so I do recommend having your device well charged to avoid frustration.

We used the iPod touch to review these cards and the apps and aside from the smaller screen size found that they were fun, entertaining and they helped my daughter work on recognizing the different numbers and letters as she sorted through the cards and found ones that interested her. My second recommendation is that this be a parent/child activity to ensure that your child gets the most out of the cards, but they are easy enough for a child to use independently as well. My 4-year-old daughter has decided that these are perfect for the car and Dr’s outings.

About the cards:

  • i3D Letters: Go from A to Z in amazing 3D! Watch as upper-case and love-case letters come to life and listen as they make their sounds. characters Digi and Beebot tag along as you take on a fun 3D adventure.
  • i3D Wild Animal Adventures: Go on a 3D expedition through the animal kingdom with Digi and Beebot . Learn about different animals and watch them and eat drink and make their sounds just like in the wild.
  • i3D Numbers: Digi and Beebot take you on yet another fun adventure to learn your numbers from 1-20. Watch and count along as numbers dance, march and run across the screen.

For more information on the cards you can visit the Cypher Entertainment website to see a list of FAQ’s, more testimonials as well as news on upcoming releases. Join #CypherKidsClub on Facebook and Twitter too!

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