Did I Finally Find #EqualCanada at Starbucks? #CBias

HoHoHo ’tis the season for holiday coffees, and while I don’t normally partake, this time while out doing some scouting for 3D Tv’s I decided to take the plunge at my favorite local coffee shop Starbucks!  Thanks to Equal Canada and Collective Bias I have been enjoying my coffee a little bit more because they give me a very good excuse to take a little more me time.

We stopped first to admire all the Christmas coffee flavours and decor of this particular Starbucks, which is an open air shop in the middle of the mall.  It’s a nice oasis in the midst of the busy mall with intimate tables and plush armchairs for those wanting to sit and linger a bit and use the malls wi-fi.

I ordered up my coffee then asked the barista if they had any Equal on hand.  Imagine my surprise when after 2 failed attempts at finding it she pointed to the table that holds all the condiments.  I am sure she was wondering why I was so happy at hearing the news.  While waiting for my coffee my daughter dragged my attention to some very cute coffee mug ornaments that are perfect for the coffee lover in your life.  My gaze couldn’t help but linger on the bags of seasonal coffee blends beside them.  Once my coffee was ready I thanked the barista, grabbed my coffee and sat down to enjoy my little treat!

This trip I brought along my oldest daughter and while she didn’t get a drink, because it was close to bedtime, I did let her share the whipped cream on my Latte au Caramel Brûlé.  I think that scores me bonus Mom points don’t you?  We had a chance to catch up, share some laughs and be goofy girls.  I just love spending time with her.

I am happy to report that if you are looking for Equal sweetener for your coffee then Starbucks is the place to go.  They not only offer the usual sugar, sugar in the raw and those other sweeteners they also offer Equal for those of us on the hunt!  I know that having my preferred brand of sweetener will make me choose one shop over another more often than not!  Bravo Starbucks for catering to the needs of all its clients!

For more information about Equal visit their website, @EqualCanada and Equal Canada on Facebook .

All images captured with the Camileo BW10

*Disclosure – This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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