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From Nugglemama’s Handful – DIY HULA HOOP TUTORIAL

This is still one of the favourite DIY projects that we have taken on as a family. Since we left all of our Hula Hoops behind in Quebec we have to make some new ones to enjoy out here. I know what my kids and I will be doing this weekend. Enjoy this post from the archives of Nugglemama’s Handful.

Spring has finally arrived, and with it outdoor fun and games. Jump ropes, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk have been rescued from the shed.   Any day that isn’t rainy we all are outside, cleaning the yard up, prepping the flower beds and shaking off the winter blahs. This year the fun has increased because we made our own Hula Hoops. All of the items listed below I was able to pick up at my local Rona. I’m sure they wonder what the heck I am up to after buying 75 feet of plastic tubing and random connectors. The hoops don’t work out to much cheaper then what you can buy, but they are far sturdier and you have the fun of decorating them yourself so the cost vs. benefit equals out.

What you need:

3/4″ or 1/2″ 100 psi tubing – I found it in the aisle next to the sinks in a pre-measured roll. The 3/4 ” ($12.99 for 20 feet) gives you a heavier hoop, but not too heavy.  I was able to make one large hoop (for me and my oldest) and a smaller one for the kids. When I bought the 2nd roll it was 50′ of the 1/2″ 100 psi ($11.99)because they were out of the other. This tubing is much lighter and I think over all will be better for the kids.  I also was able to get 3 medium-sized hoops and a smaller one with a bit left over. **Addition** For my use I prefer the 3/4″ tubing, but the kids prefer the 1/2″.

Connectors – I used ones recommended by the Rona staff.  I wanted plastic connections, but they only had the brass. They work just fine and at $0.39 each don’t add much cost to the project. For the 3/4″ tubing it was a 3/4 inch connection for the 1/2″ a 1/2″ connector.

Tape – you can use colorful duct tape or electrical tape. I picked up the duct tape at the dollar store, but discovered that the electrical tape was actually cheaper at Rona. $0.69 for the red/yellow/blue/green. The white and black were more, but only just over $1. Save money on gas and just get everything in one place.

Heavy duty scissors or handsaw to cut the tubing. I used my gardening shears on the 1/2 and they worked great. The 3/4″ tube hubby cut for me with his saw.

DIY Hula Hoop

Now for assembly.

  • Cut the tube to size. Keep in mind a bigger hoop will move slower/be easier. Aim for one that is between belly button and chest height. I didn’t do any precise measuring just unraveled the roll until I had one loop of tubing at about the right height, marked it with a sharpie and cut. You could do the math to find out the circumference using the height you want (aka diameter) but math never was my strong suit so I eyeballed it.
  • Put the connector in one side as far as you can, then connect the other end of the tube. You may have to wiggle it because it can be a tight fit, gardening gloves come in handy to get a good grip. I found the 1/2″ one easier to assemble.
  • Tape over the connection making sure to get it snug. Then have fun wrapping the tape around the hoop in any way you like!

This is a very inexpensive, fun project that you can do with the whole family. One you are all taped up have fun!! If you’ve made your own Hula Hoops share links to your photos below.


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