DOD Fitness Products Review

I am sure most people have had pain while working out at some point or another.  I know that for me, as a chronic pain sufferer, taking care of my joints while getting fit is a big concern.  If I strain my wrists or knees too much I end up out of commission for 3 days or more.  I have used rolled up towels and wash cloths with mixed success so when I came across the DOD fitness products I knew I had to check them out.

I was sent the wrist wedge, neck circle and the knee donuts to try out during my workouts.  I was most interested to see how the wrist wedges perform because that is where I have the most trouble, in fact push ups are almost always a no no with my wrists. With the wrist wedges I was able to do push ups comfortably and I did find that it reduced the amount of strain.  My only issue is that I found them a bit slippery and had to keep re positioning my hands.  The wedges didn’t solve my wrist issues, but I was certainly able to get a longer arm workout thanks to the wedges.

The knee donuts I have to say are my favorite out of all three of the DOD fitness products.  They reduced all strain and pressure on my knees and made it very comfortable to be down on the floor.  If you have knee issues then I would definitely suggest adding them into your workout bag.

Last but not least the neck circle.  It’s a seemingly simple disk of foam, but when placed under the head during floor work reduces neck strain by a surprising amount.  I especially appreciated having it during the relaxing meditation at the end of my yoga workout.  I found that it helped me achieve a deeper level of relaxation because my head was cradled in a comfortable position.  It has just the right thickness.

All in all I think that these would be a good tool to add to your workout bag.  They grip well on a yoga mat, are compact and they do minimize stress on joints.  At $44.99 for the set of 3 ($19.99 for the wrist or knee donuts, $9.99 for the neck circle sold separately) they are a bit pricey, but they are made in the USA using high quality foam which makes the price-tag a lot more easy to take.  I will be using these during all my workouts from now on.

*Disclosure – I was sent a sample to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.  I am not a professional and do recommend that you discuss any changes to your workout regime with your physician. 

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