Doing the Potty Dance

**Adding this link. I wanted to make a video of us dancing but sadly my camera decided to play in the sand and no longer is with us. I found this over at and Miss V loves watching heself dance. This song has taken over my house. the kids are all singing it now. LOL Fun fun. **

Now that we have passed the nursing stage the next thing we need to tackle is potty learning. I am so ready to be done with diapering. I have had one or two children in diapers for the past 9 years. Yes 9! That’s a lot of diapers. We have gradually been getting Miss V used to the idea of the potty by having her sit on it before baths, but have had mixed success with it. I haven’t been pressuring her because she just turned 2, but this summer the diapers are gone! I hope…

This time around we aren’t using the traditional potty seat but we have a Dora seat that fits right over our regular toilet seat. She loves it, of course, because it’s Dora and I love it because I don’t have to empty an icky potty bowl. I hated that with the other kids. We are also doing a little dance, featuring Canadian comic Jessica Holmes, (OMGoodness I love it! So does Miss V) and singing.

I have always taken a fairly relaxed stance on potty training. My oldest DD was a breeze to train and by 2 and a half was day and night dry. We used to sing a little song every time she pee peed and smarties were our best friends. I actually started out with her potty chair in the living room and gradually moved it closer to the toilet, eventually taking the seat off the potty chair and setting it on the big toilet.

DD2 knocked me off my potty learning high horse though. She was stubborn and happy to wear diapers. Not only that I think she just didn’t recognize how to hold it in long enough to get to the potty. At 3 she was still having accidents and we had her in Pull-Ups at night. Around 3.5 she finally managed to stay mostly dry. Smarties, songs, dances stickers nothing worked. She just wasn’t ready.

DD 3 must have been easy. I honestly don’t remember it. I do know she was out of diapers by 3 though.

S my only boy was a fairly easy one to train too. He loved the potty song and smarties and was happy to get both with each visit to the toilet.

Miss V will be easy I hope. I have some new tools in my potty learning chest. I will be employing smarties again and with the help of Pull-ups and this potty dance, this one features Canadian eTalk host Traci Melchor, I am hoping to finally be a diaper free household!!! Wish me luck and sanity…

Oh and I warn you the song is catchy and will get stuck in her head ALL DAY! LOL. Miss V wanted to watch the video 5 times this morning. h.e.l.p.

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  1. I don't have any kids, so am not familiar with potty training, but I agree that not having to empty a potty chair sounds like a huge step up!

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