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If you are anything like me you are probably gearing up for Easter.  Looking for, or making the perfect Easter dress and shopping for goodies to fill your kids Easter baskets.  One item that always makes our Easter basket is Kinder Chocolate.  It’s Easter tradition and has been part of Easter hunts since I was a kid.

As per tradition, I usually pick up a couple of the Egg Hunt Kits and a set of Kinder Eggs for the kids then have fun stashing them around the house along with their other goodies.  To make things easier to find we leave clues as to where stuff is with a scavenger hunt or if Mama’s is especially creative, a Pirate map.  This is my way of avoiding the week later discoveries of stinky treats.  I still remember my Oma finding eggs and chocolate long after the egg hunts were done.  The Chocolate wasn’t a big deal, but man did those eggs stink.  I am saved from that fate simply because we don’t do real eggs, but melted chocolate in the sofa cushions isn’t fun either.  Those memories of Easter with my Oma are some of the best and I want my kids to cherish their memories of Easter hunt fun like I cherish mine so we make a point of making them extra special.

Our scavenger hunt 2 years ago.

Buying Kinder products this year is that much easier because every purchase of KINDER® Seasonal Easter Products that I make means a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network with their A Joy To Share campaign. It’s a sad fact that not every mother will be able to spend Easter at home with her little ones.  I know how hard it can be on everyone when a child has to be in hospital.  The Children’s Miracle Network helps make that time a little bit easier.  This month on the Kinder Canada Facebook page you can read stories and experiences from Mothers who have been affected by and benefited from the work of the Children’s Miracle Network.  Mom’s like Shelley:

To watch your child – any child “fight” for breath is always a terrifying experience. The chaos that ensues in trying to remain calm enough to support and reassure the child while frantically locating their inhalers and simultaneously deciding if you are capable of managing this attack or require the assistance of 911 is exhausting. Our boys have asthma and they are alive today because of the Children’s Hospital, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Help spread the joy this Easter and pick up some Kinder!  I know I will be.

Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. It is scary seeing your kids struggle health wise. Our son is a Children’s baby as well. Love your site design btw hun, it is so clean and nice looking.

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