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Raising multilingual children or learning a second language is an idea that has become more and more popular over the years as international business booms. There are many more opportunities for those that can navigate more then one language, and you will find even adults taking up the challenge. In fact an estimated 40 million people are now studying Chinese as a second language around the world.* It just makes sense.
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If you or your child is currently enrolled in a Chinese course or you just want to brush up on your Chinese characters you may want to consider the EasyChinese K1 iPad App. It’s program has been developed by a PHD of education and professional “user experience” designer of education products. It helps the user develop recognition and pronunciation of the characters by getting you to listen, view and practice them repeatedly. It also allows you to see the pronunciation, strokes, meaning, writing, and wording of each Chinese character. My kids really enjoy the of the app, because it allows them to learn to write words that they have learned to say on a popular children’s show.
The EasyChinese K1 app includes 400 of the most frequently used characters. The characters are presented in 20 levels, and each level contains 20 characters. The selection of characters included in K1 makes reference to the lists of new words in the PEP’s handbook of 1st semester Grade 1.

Easy Chinese K1 is easy to navigate, has clear and easy instructions and provides the tools necessary to pick up the basics of Chinese characters, pronounciation and words. I would suggest that it is used in conjunction with a course, but it also would be beneficial to those who are homeschooling and looking for ways to introduce a new language into the home learning environment, or for those who are raising Chinese born children and want to expose them to their native tongue from an early age. 
You can buy the EasyChinese K1 iPad app by ZiCool Studio in the iTunes store for $3.99.

*statistic taken from Wikipedia
**Disclosure ~ This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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