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Spring cleaning never seems to end, once one room is done another needs doing. None of the rooms keep me busy quite like my dining room. With a houseful of people eating 3 meals a day my dining area is crumb central. We used to sweep which was a constant chore, then we installed a central vacuum which made things easier and neater, but the darn thing was never put away since we needed touch ups 2-3 times a day. With dark wood laminate floors and a slightly compulsive need to keep them clean tripping over the long cord of the central vac was a trade-off I was willing to make, but not any more. Mama’s got a new best friend and it comes with a self-cleaning brush head, many attachments, it’s small enough to tuck away out of sight and it keeps the crumbs at bay. Everyday and spring cleaning just got easier thanks to the Ergorapido.


Electrolux’s Ergorapido Brushroll Clean is made for hectic lifestyles and messy spaces, now with Brushroll Clean Technology™, which removes tangled hair with the touch of a button. Tackle spring cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom or on bare floors and countertops with this 2-in-1 stick and hand vacuum. The powerful suction of the Ergorapido maintains suction power longer, and the 12 volt motor gives you plenty of cleaning power.

MSRP $149.99

Some of the features of the Ergorapido® that I love include:

  • Lightweight enough for even my 5-year-old to use which means I can delegate as needed. She gets a kick out of helping me and I have one less thing on my to do list (even if some crumbs get left).
  • Maneuverable
  • Cordless which makes for one less thing for me or my kids to trip over, plus it means that it goes exactly where I need it to without any hassle.
  • A 2 in 1 stick and hand vacuum which means I can do the floors, the cracks in between the seat cushions, get spiderwebs off the ceilings and even vacuum my blinds with ease. It also means that for small localized piles I don’t have to hunt down the broom. I just pop off the hand vac and go.
  • Crevice tool and upholstery tool for quick and convenient spot-cleaning.
  • Suction that sucks in the good way. It might be small, but it’s mighty. The only thing I have had trouble picking up are the pieces that are too large to go under the rollers, but I can pop off the hand vac or just pick those pieces up.
  • 12 Volts of Power = longer runs times than the 9.6 volt model and the motorized brushroll is ideal for all bare floor surfaces. I can do my whole dining area, kitchen and bath and still have power. In fact it hasn’t  run out on my while in use at all. It also does a decent job of vacuuming my area rugs.
  • No bags, just an easy to clean canister.
  • Charging base that actually holds it up while charging and no installation required.
  • Lighted so I can vacuum in the dark. Break a glass, at night, during a power outage and you’ll be happy to have this.

For small spaces, the cottage, or spot cleaning the Ergorapido® is the perfect vacuum. Check out my Ergorapido® Vine to see it in use.

I admit I sometimes go looking for things to vacuum just because it’s kind of fun with the Ergorapido. My husband thinks I’m nuts but the neat freaks will get it.

The Ergorapido® is available at retailers across North America. Find a location near you here. You can also purchase it online at Amazon or

Disclosure – I was sent a sample to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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