Ever had a dream that you just had to write down?

I had on like that Sunday night. The dream was so vivid and real that I had to jot down what happened in the dream. Why? Who knows. I have never been big into dream interpretation, but I have had a few that seemed like premonitions. When I was younger I kept dream diaries and discussed them in depth with my mom. These days I tend to keep it to myself. This one I’ll share.

This particular dream even two days later has stuck with me. It’ started out with me awakening from a dream in labor with my my 6th child. I had almost no pain and almost right away I started bearing down to push the baby out. I could feel the babies head and then pop – he was in my arms. I wrapped him up and lay down as if to doze off again. In the dream I noted that I didn’t try nursing right away. After a minute or so of snuggling I got up and went to the living room and sat on the couch and got on my laptop. Kind of offhandedly I  mentioned to Hubby that we had a son and then kind of shook myself and got up to go back to the newborn. 

Upon re-entering the bedroom I saw my son on his belly in bed rooting around looking for me. He had dark hair and was chubby and adorable. I kept thinking I had to pick a name for him and Mathieu came up. I tried nursing him but he wasn’t getting a good latch on either side and I pondered why. Tongue tied?

The dream then shifted to a Greyhound bus where my Oma was a passenger. I excitedly told her about her new great grandchild and then moved to the front of the bus. The driver was attempting to get me home to the baby who needed to nurse. The first part of the dream seemed to take place in my hometown then on the way home to the baby it switched to the area around my husbands hometown. We went the wrong way and the bus bumped into some power lines (Think elastic band stretched across the road.)then had to back up down a narrow, rutted road. From there it parked in a huge barn/quonset that had a mud floor because it had been raining (also part of reason why the bus parked). 

I tried to walk, but was too tired from recently having given birth. I went to a gas station and was trying to find someone to give me a ride when the sun came out. I headed back to the barn and got back on the bus.

That is where the dream ended because my alarm went off. Most of the time I disregard dreams as the brain just processing everything that has happened through out a day. With birth dreams and death dreams I tend to take notice though. I have found birth dreams indicate that a major life change is coming. Usually a death of a loved one or a move. Death dreams can mean the same things but I have noticed that I dream about it before a pregnancy or when I am very early on in a pregnancy. It will be interesting to see if anything comes to pass.

Do you keep a dream diary? Do you try and decipher your dreams? Are you more in the camp that it’s just your brains way of regurgitating what you saw during the day?

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