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As we move into fall, our kids start school sports, we’re solidifying our summer glow and we try to spend weekends outside cherishing the warm weather. We can’t forget sun safety as our families engage in these outdoor activities. While all other cancers are on the decline, melanoma rates are on the rise in Canada, most specifically with youth aged 15-29.

Melanoma is preventable, so here are some quick tips to protect your family as we move into fall:

  • Don’t let them go outside on weekends without putting on sunscreen to help them keep their good summer habits
  • Avoid the sun on the weekends during the peak UV ray hours of 11a.m.-3p.m.
  • Encourage your kids to put on their hats (Blue Jays preferably) before they head outside
  • Pack a portable sunscreen for your kids for when they play their after school sports (ex. cross-country, football, field hockey, rugby and soccer)
  • Talk with coaches so they can discuss sun safety with their athletes when going over team policies

If you would like to learn more about sun safety, or help contribute to melanoma prevention join the Melanoma Network of Canada as it hosts its fourth annual Strides for Melanoma Walk for Awareness. This is a national 5K walk fall event taking place across 13 Canadian sites, including Edmonton. You can join in the walk, sponsor a walker or put together your own team with your family and friends.

Each site is providing different events including group stretches lead by fitness experts, political leaders attending, food trucks, survivor stories and free stuff, which of course includes sunscreen. Register online today for your locality at https://www.melanomanetwork.ca/walk2015/

About the Melanoma Network of Canada: Founded to create a patient network, Melanoma Network of Canada (MNC) has grown, becoming a formidable leader in melanoma prevention, education, research, awareness and patient support. Funding raised by MNC goes directly into patient support programs, youth prevention programs, patient advocacy, treatment research and research on early diagnosis. Please visit www.melanomanetwork.ca for more information on melanoma or getting involved in MNC events.

Disclosure – This is a guest post for the Melanoma Network of Canada. For my reason behind sharing this please read about my friend Bruce, who we sadly lost to Melanoma. 

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