FitFluential Ambassador '11 – Tossing My Hat Into the Ring

Those who know me know I am not your average fitness buff, at least not yet. Back in February I made the choice to adopt a healthier lifestyle AKA #byebyebuldge. Since then I have restarted Yoga, made a new round friend (the Ugi Ball) and as of today started Couch to 5K! I made it 3km in 30 minutes with a combination of walk/run using the C25K app. Go me!

My motivation for getting fit isn’t just for me. I want to be able to run around with my kids and I want to teach them that getting outside and active is a great thing. I have already seen positive changes in the kids just because they are mimicking what they see. Check out my Mini Ugi’er. I’ll give you a few, she’s pretty adorable.

OK back to me. So, I am not there yet. I have lost 10 pounds but gained muscles. I am hoping that the cardio of running helps me shed even more. I am motivated and I love to share and encourage others. A few weeks ago I started tweeting about starting the couch to 5 K and had a few people chime in. It wasn’t long before me and a twitter buddy of mine started up the hashtag #momswhorun and now we are cheering each other on and helping to encourage others too!

That’s what I love the most. Encouraging others to get out and try something new. Lord knows I am no superstar, but my I also have no shame and will try just about anything. Heck I’m a 35 year old overweight mom who gets out in full view of all the neighbors and jumps rope with my kids.

I would love to represent English Quebec as a Fitfluential blogger. I have a very small community of friends in real life, but I have many friends online! I’m that girl in the back jumping up and down with her hand raised hollering “Pick me! Pick me!!”

For more information about becoming a Fifluential blogger check out their Facebook page, Blog and Twitter pages. 
*Disclosure, I received nothing for this post I just really would love to be part of the amazing team behind Fitfluential!
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