Fun With Ford

My head is still reeling from the amazing 2 days I spent with Ford at the Go Further With Ford Trend Conference.  The people and experiences were amazing and I can’t wait to go into detail a little bit more about how Ford is thinking ahead.  Even though this is technically my vacation I had to share a couple of  fun shots I took while in Detroit. Click on them to see larger.  I have a bazillion photographs and will be uploading them all to Flickr once I get home so stay tuned for more.

Day one we had a wonderful dinner at Ford

Ford Field

We had a chance to connect with all the attendees and some of the speakers, listen to Bill Ford talk about his passion for Ford and how he wants to continue the legacy of his grandfather.

Bill Ford’s Car – Serial #1
Christine, Tenille and Crystal AKA @C_Linnell, @FeistyFrugal and @simplybeingmommy
Kick that Ball!
Fun in the wind tunnel.
Marianna @GreenMamasPad and Me
I was trying to be a Pirate
The a rock star. I failed at both.
I ended the 2 days with Ford rocking the sock.
Get your mind out of the gutter.

I can’t wait to share with you a bit from the 4 sessions as well as a few other tidbits I picked up.  I hope everyone has a safe and fun Canada Day Long Weekend!

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  1. Julia!
    It was wonderful meeting you in person at the Ford event. Awesome pictures, can’t wait to hear what you took away from the event. Oh, and again for the record…

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