G Can 20L Portable Gas Station – Easy as 1,2,3!

GCan Gerry Can for Quads/Bikes

Filling up the gas tank of the lawnmower and quad are one of those “honey do” jobs in our house. The few times I have had to tackle that it I have become frustrated with the weight and awkwardness of a full jerrycan. It never fails, just when I think I’ve got it under control, I end up over filing the tank, leaving a mess and a smell that lingers on me for the whole day. I won’t even do it any more unless I have to. That is until now. The addition of the G Can to our life means one less “honey do”. Now filling the tank of the Quad or the lawn mower is no more difficult than pumping gas at the station.

The G CAN® features:

  • The G CAN® is the only CSA-approved portable refueling system and is certified as child-safe and senior-friendly.
  • The spill-free and vapour recovery features greatly reduce the potential for fuel-related fires, injuries and accidents.
  • Spill-Free & No more lifting. The G CAN® has an active patented pumping system, where the container remains on the ground during refueling so there is no lifting.
  • Patented SmartSensingTM Technology automatically stops the flow of fuel when the tank is full. Accidental removal of the spout from the target tank will immediately stop the flow of fuel.
  • Spill-free features prevent the operator from getting fuel on his or her hands and clothes. No more gas smell on your hands or in the garage.
  • Innovative nozzle features prevent spillage, reducing the environmental harm from gas spills.
  • The G CAN® is equipped with a patented dual line hose providing active vapour recovery. Significantly reduces the amount of environmental harm associated with vapour emissions.
  • The G CAN® is a sealed system keeping your fuel fresh and contaminant-free. Significantly increasing the life and performance of your equipment and vehicle.

All of these features mean no more lifting and straining a big container to fill a small tank. The container remains on the ground during pumping. No spills, no lingering gas odor, just easy, convenient and quick refilling of the tanks so I can get back to work or having fun.

Watch just how easy it is to operate. Even I had no troubles.

My husband is quite impressed with this unit. A couple of things wanted to note are:

  • No smell from the G Can when left in the back of the car.
  • Not too heavy to carry or lift in and out of the car.
  • The GCan carries enough gas to get you out of a tight spot when needed. For example – Long stretches of highway, hunting in the back woods.

The features I love most:

  • Very easy to use.
  • No Spills

The Downsides:

  • A large tank would take longer to fill because you pump the gas with your foot. My Hubby didn’t see this as an issue, especially since there was no over filling the tank and most tanks we fill are smaller.
  • The nozzle didn’t fit into my van’s gas tank. We were still able to use it, but I’m not sure the SmartSensingTM Technology would work in this case. For our quad and mower though this wasn’t an issue since the entry to the tank is larger.

The G Can is ideal for those with boats, quads, or even the rest of us who just need something that will fill up lawn equipment with a minimum of fuss. Right now you can pick up a G Can for the sale price of $199 until Christmas, but if you want it in time for Christmas make sure to buy before Dec. 15th. Visit http://invite.gcan.com/julia or use Promo Code julia for your discount.

Disclosure – A sample was provided to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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