Good Things Take Time

It takes one year for the Earth to orbit the sun.

Two years is how long it takes for an Elephant to carry a pregnancy to term.

According to Appleit takes three years to get a new cell tower in San Francisco.

It takes four years of college to become a teacher, five if you want to become an electronics engineer.

According to some it takes six years to become an overnight success or to make a dress out of Starburst wrappers.

Edison once said “It takes about seven years to convert then average man to the acceptance of a solved problem.”

If you are planning on buying an electric car to save money you might want to know that a study noted in the Wall Street Journal showed that it takes 8 years to break evenon costs for an electric vehicle compared to a conventional internal combustion engine vehicle.

A nine year old can WOW us with his piano talent or save his sister with CPR.

Want to read through a day’s worth of tweets?  Hope you have 10 years.

It also take 10 years of marriage to move cross country, have 5 babies, learn a new language and fall in love all over again.

Happy Tenth Anniversary My Love!

May we have many many more decades together.

I love you more!


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