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I am always on the look out for fun and educational apps for kids. Grandpa’s Farm, created by Nanotalons, LLC is both. Featuring animal sounds, animal names, basic shapes, colors, memory recall and counting, Grandpa’s Farm has enough fun to keep kids occupied as long as you need.

Each activity gets more difficult as your child progresses through the level. Once completed they earn a green or blue ribbon. You can check at any time to see how many ribbons they have earned by clicking on the arrow and once on the main screen then clicking the question mark.

This will be a great app for those long waits at the doctors office. It is simple and repetitive but if you have ever read the same book to your child ten times in one night you will get the charm of this app. I would recommend this app for children 1-4. 

See the app in action.

Grandpa’s Farm is available in the iTunes store for $1.99 from Nanotalons LLC.
Grandpa's Farm - Nanotalons, LLC
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