Great Canadian Blog Bash Wrap up and Thank You Post!

I just had to come back one last time and thank all the wonderful people who stopped in during the Blog bash to leave comments and to enter my giveaway.  It was a rousing success and the recipient I hear is thoroughly enjoying all of her Canadian goodies.  
Being a Canadian blogger to me is all about community and I am so thankful to have found such a diverse and amazing group of people on here and through my social media channels.  Without you all I would just be another desperate housewife killing time on Facebook games.  Thanks to the opportunities this blog has given me I no longer have any free time and it’s a wonderful thing.  I feel empowered as a woman and entrepreneur (even if the money train has yet to arrive) I am showing my kids that you can be a stay at home mom and work too and even balance most of it most of the time.  
Thank you for being part of my little blog and I hope that in the future I can continue to bring you the very best that Canada has to offer both by introducing you to other Bloggers as well as connecting you with amazing Brands.  Brands like the ones who sponsored my giveaway last month.  Please take the time to visit them and even stop by their Facebook and/or Twitter pages.
Tim Hortons – This brand needs no introduction.  It’s as much as part of Canada now as Hockey in winter and going to the lake in summer.  While we are on the topic of summer their Cold Stone Creamery locations have some extra delicious treats available right now.  The perfect way to cool of under the heat dome or after! Psst there is a coupon for 50% off a Signature Creation in the love it size.
Naosap Harvest – They are Manitoba farmers of some of the best organically grown wild rice that I have ever had.  You can read my full review here or pick up a pound or two and try for yourself.  Tracy is a real sweetheart to chat with on twitter.  
Today I Ate A Rainbow – These ingenious charts have really encouraged my kids to eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies every day and in doing so getting all the servings they need.  In fact they now tell me when I am lacking a color.  The charts have been redesigned since I reviewed them last year and I have to say I love the improvement and my kids find it less confusing.  Kia is another great person to follow on twitter and chat with about all sorts of topics. 
Iron Kids and Adult Essentials Gummy Vitamins – You must make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter as  they scale Kilimanjaro!  It’s one adventure that I am sure will prove to be life changing for the team.  We also just plain love them and the vitamins.  If you can’t find them locally make sure to check out!
Salsa Babies – Is my new way to get cleaning done in a fun way while getting exercise.  I must have some latin blood, because I really enjoy these CD’s and so do the kids.  Stay tuned for my full review or if you are lucky enough to have a course close by, drop in a try it out!  You can also pick up the CD’s online, mp3’s on iTunes, I even hear DVD’s are coming soon.  
Gabriele Wills – The author of four highly acclaimed historical novels: the award-winning The Summer Before The Storm(Book 1 of The Muskoka Novels), Elusive Dawn (Book 2 of The Muskoka Novels), A Place To Call Home, and Moon Hall.Fans have called her epics “masterpieces”; critics, “Historical fiction at its best!” For reviews, comments, sample chapters, and a video trailer, visit

Thanks again and have a wonderful week!

*Disclosure – This is not a sponsored post, but I did receive samples of some of the products mentioned in order to facilitate reviews on other occasions.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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