Groovy Jeans Cake

It was my oldest daughters 10th Birthday this past weekend and as usual I scoured the net for cake ideas. I wanted this years cake to be fun, but also a bit more grown up seeing as how my little girl isn’t so little anymore. I ended up heading over to my go to place for easy recipes – Life Made Delicious – found the Groovy Jeans cake, and knew that it would be perfect.

Preparation was a little bit more involved then what the recipe called for because I decided to take cake baking to a “Whole nother level” and make the inside as groovy as the outside.


Cupcake mix

The finished product was a hit with everyone and my only issue was that I should have mixed the gel color a bit more to get even coloring in the cake. In fact I think that this is one situation when a liquid color would be best. Oh and trying to decorate a cake and cupcakes when your decorating tools are broken is not so much fun. Time to get some new ones, because while Ziplock bags work in a pinch they aren’t the best.

Yes, even more cupcake piuctures

Swirly icing

The cake

Jeans Cake 2

Sneak peak

The inside of cake and cupcakes.


The aftermath

blue tounge

The Aftermath

I know it seems odd to discuss health when showcasing pictures of dessert but I had to share with you an initiative run by General Mills Canada. We all know goodies like cake and candy are fine in moderation but healthy eating needs to last a lifetime. General Mills wants to help non-profits get this message out to our youth and since 2006 has been offering grants of $5000 to encourage communities across Canada to improve the eating and physical activity patterns of young people ages 2 – 20. If your group would like more information, or to apply for a grant, please visit General Mills for more information.

I hope that everyone enjoyed a nice weekend and is ready to tackle this week ahead. I know I am so ready to get outside with the kids and enjoy a little sun! Take care and have a great day.

Disclosure: I am part of the Life Made Delicious Blogger program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.
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