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Over the past few months I have noticed my weight more and more. From the way my clothes fit, to how hard it is to get past the belly to get my socks on. I thought I didn’t care that much, but after looking at pictures of myself with the kids during our most recent road trip I have to face facts, I could stand to lose a few pounds, probably more than a few pounds. I know that when it comes to getting older and getting wider, my hubby is right there with me. Since it’s easier to lose weight when you have someone cheering you on. Neither one of us wants to go out in public and make fools of ourselves, so a home gym it is.

When it comes to finding the right items for your home gym there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.

  • What type of fitness regime you are planning to undertake
  • How much free space you have available
  • What’s your budget

As much as I would love to have an elliptical or an exercise bike, with our small space it just isn’t possible. I’d wager most home gyms face the same dilemma. When space is limited it’s best to choose workout equipment that packs the most punch, but has a small footprint.

home gym kettlebells

Items that I will be adding to our home gym as soon as the basement is finished include: Kettlebells for strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility training. An exercise ball will join in the fray at the recommendation of my chiropractor for both core and low back strengthening. Lastly, thanks to Sears, a beautiful Gaiam Yoga Mat for the days I need to stretch everything out and center myself. Of all three workouts I admit I am looking forward to finding my Zen the most.

When I head out to get in some much needed fresh air and cardio the old fashioned way I want to make sure I am comfortable, cool, and look good. Let’s face it, moms in yoga pants get a bad rap, but with some key pieces from the PURE NRG line and Adidas no one will say a thing, except maybe where did you get that!

workout wear

Shirt – PURE NRG ATHLETICS®/MD ‘Studio’ Long-Sleeve Top

Pants – PURE NRG ATHLETICS®/MD Women’s Athleisure™ Sportswear Jersey Legging Short

Shoe – Adidas “APRUE TRAIN” Shoe

Sears Canada is inviting you to join them in your quest towards a new and healthier lifestyle! Sears Renew Year, a year-long campaign centered on making Sears Canada a destination for all your health and wellness needs, will help you outfit yourself for any activity you plan to undertake.

I hope you join me, and share your healthy living goals in the comments below.



This blog post has been sponsored by Sears Canada in support of their Renew Year initiative. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Oooh yes kettlebells are awesome! My gym is two minutes away so I don’t have an excuse NOT to go. But it’s great to have weights and kettlebells at home for those “lazy” days for a home workout or yoga session.

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