Healthy And Beautiful, Coconut Oil Can Do It All

Want to stay healthy and beautiful? Coconut oil can do it all. Check out these easy ways to add this powerful product into all phases of your life for maximum benefit.

Control Your Blood Sugar and Cholesterol

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Healthy coconut oil has a generous amount of lauric acid per serving — about 49 percent. Repeated medical studies have shown that lauric acid increases high-density lipoproteins (HDLs), also known as good cholesterol, in the blood more than any other medium chain fatty acid. A healthy ratio of good cholesterol in your blood may help lower your risk of heart disease. Virgin coconut oil has also shown that it can cut the urge to eat refined carbohydrates (corn syrup, brown sugar, fructose, etc.) that can cause insulin resistance in Type II diabetics. Maintaining proper blood sugar levels is essential for those living with diabetes to live long and healthy lives. As you can see in this infographic, there are several additional benefits to consuming coconut oil.

Clean Makeup Brushes

Have makeup brushes with hardened foundation on them? Bacteria can grow in those fine brush hairs, meaning you’re slathering your face with the plague every time you put on makeup. Add refined coconut oil to antibacterial soap and scrub your brushes clean at least once per week. Doing so will not only keep your beauty products looking newer, it will also keep you healthier. If you want a detailed guide of how to clean your beauty products with coconut oil, check out Pop Sugar‘s step-by-step article.

Condition Your Hair and Scalp

The same fatty acids that give you good cholesterol a boost can also strengthen your hair follicles and keep dandruff from forming on your scalp. Massage pure coconut oil into your hair (tips only) while you’re in the shower, then shampoo your hair as normal. The moisture infusion the coconut oil gives your hair will add shine and bounce. Don’t worry about using a conditioner, since you’re already giving your hair everything it needs in terms of moisture and dryness protection. If your hair still frizzes during the day, add a tiny dab of pure coconut oil to the misbehaving tresses.

Try a New Cooking Oil

Cooking with refined coconut oil allows you to work at high heat thanks to the oil’s high smoke point — 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is perfect for Asian inspired dishes, including stir fry and other wok-prepared dishes, that can work well with the oil’s natural sweetness. Coconut oil’s smoke point, which is higher than olive, peanut and soybean oils, also means the oil won’t release free radicals into your food while cooking. Multiple medical studies have shown the harmful effects of free radicals in the body as potential causes of cancer, degenerative diseases, and influence on aging.

Treat Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

Dogs with seasonal allergies and dry skin can develop rashes and open wounds due to scratching. Let these issues go untreated and you could have a full-blown infection on your hands requiring an expensive trip to the veterinarian. Instead of buying pricey ointments and creams, spread virgin coconut oil on your dog’s trouble skin spots. Coconut oil is nontoxic for dogs so it won’t hurt the little guy if he tries to lick it off. Apply the oil two to three times per day until the redness and itching die down. You can add the remedy as part of your dog’s weekly routine to keep up healthy skin.

Flavor Your Morning Coffee

Sugar in your coffee won’t compare with the nutty notes and elevating flavor of virgin or organic coconut oil. Try a couple of teaspoons in your morning cup to see how it improves your regular java’s taste. Switching to the healthy stuff permanently allows you to cut more carbohydrates from your diet that might otherwise turn into fat. If your coffee can keep you active during the day and help you keep your fighting weight, shouldn’t you give it a try?

When you commit to improving your health, every part of your life can benefit. Commit to coconut oil today as the first step in a large plan to keep your body fit for years to come.

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  1. Have you tried it Julia? I have heard and seen this on quite a few sites but no one actually used it for diabetes ? I am not diabetic but have insulin resistance and the pills make me sick so I don’t do anything about it and was wondering if this would help!

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