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No you aren’t seeing things. It’s just me, Julia (aka @nugglemama) in my new little home on the inter-webs. Writing over at Nugglemama’s Handful has been wonderful over the past 7 years, but growing kids and changing roles has pushed me in a new direction. I want to have a space that reflects all the aspects of me from my goofy public demeanor to the sometimes anxiety ridden, introverted one.

You’ll still get all the things you know and love from me, just a more adult focused point of view, and likely a more opinionated one. I want to share my thoughts on all things life has to offer, the fun I have as a working mother to teens and tweens, as well as my other passion, photography.

As I enter my 40th year I want my life to be more fun and fulfilling, starting with what I write about. I hope you’ll join me in a journey of self discovery here at Just Me, Julia.

Sunset on the Alberta Prairies
Taken near Drumheller, Alberta, Canada With my Canon 6D and Canon 24-105 F4 lens at ƒ/5.0 24.0 mm 1/1250 ISO 800

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
Marcel Proust


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