How Do You Do It?

Laundry that is, get your mind out of the gutter.

When I returned home from my trip to Detroit my husband informed me that my washing machine had washed its last load.  It was helped along it’s journey to the other side by a huge load of clothes that the kids had started.  I neglected to tell them not to overfill the washing machine and the transmission just couldn’t take the massive load they had shoved in there.  As with most things the timing was lousy so instead of getting the gorgeous front loading washer and tumble dryer set, in purple, that I wanted I was stuck hunting on Kijiji for a used washer.

Days went by, my laundry pile grew and all we were finding nothing but washer/dryer sets.  Finally we found a Kenmore washer, newer then the one we had inherited from my Mother in law.  I heaved a huge sigh of relief and once it was installed set to work sorting my massive pile of washing, which got me to thinking.  How do you do laundry?

In our house we have an abundance of pink, purples and blue clothing so I am able to sort my colors that way.  Then I pull out all the blacks and grey and usually all I am left with is light grey and whites.  Towels I wash separately usually washing the light ones in a different load then then dark.  I also wash everything in cold unless I am stripping bedding.  Sunlight has been my detergent as long as I can remember and I do a vinegar rinse when the load has sat too long in the machine before going to the dryer.  Dryer sheets get cut in half because my kids get itchy if I use a full one.  That also helps me save money.

This is so different from the toss everything into one load way I used to do it when I was single.  I had a hard time filling a load once a week.  Now I wash laundry 2-3 times a day and on bedding day that doubles.  Laundry is now my life.

I think about laundry half the day.  “I should be folding.”, “Did I remember the dryer sheet?”, “I wonder if the kids tossed their dirty clothes down the stairs?” .

It’s an affliction.

I used to enjoy laundry day…

Man how times change.

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  1. I don’t do laundry and tobei doesn’t sort. However I do hold all brand new clothes with colours like blue and red hostage to be washed on their own the first time. We do however wash with cold water which I hear makes bleeding less likely.

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